...from the Great-Branch of
'Lambert & Lucie Theriault' [MRIN 671]

Acadia... St Lawrence

1. Jehan
2. Claude
3. Germain
4. Claude
5. Paul
6. Pierre
7. Joseph
8. Firmin
The lineage for this branch is Jehan, Claude, Germain, Claude, Paul, Pierre, Joseph, Firmin, Lambert.

The first five generations lived in Acadia with the fifth generation (Paul) moving to Kamouraska, Quebec on the St-Lawrence sometime between 1740 and 1792. Generations 6 through 9 (Lambert) remained in the Kamouraska area of the Province of Québec.

Journey of the Fifth Generation. Paul, of the 5th generation, was born around 1716 in the St Charles parish of Grand Pré, Acadia where he was raised. In 1740, he married Anne Hébert in St Charles and later they moved to the more prosperous settlement of Beaubassin. This move may have been part of a plan that he, his brother Joseph and their cousin, Joseph [RIN1404] coordinated. With the burning of Beaubassin in 1750 and the worsening conflicts with the English, Paul decided to leave his homeland and migrate with his wife and his then seven children to Rivière Ouelle on the Saint Lawrence River sometime before 1759.

Generations 6, 7, and 8 remained in the Kamouraska area while Generation 9 (Lambert) moved to Bromptonville, QC where his five children and their families continued.


The following set of photos focus on Lambert's children and descendants, specifically two of his sons, Jules and George Henri and some of their children.

Wedding photo of my grandfather Ludger Therriault [7804] and Léonide Lemieux [7805] who were married on 28 June 1910 in St Raphel de Bellechasse on the southern shores of the St Laurence not far from Québec City. Ludger was son of Jules [7811] and grandson of Lambert [1642]. (Click on photo to enlarge)

This beautiful photo was taken after their arrival in Bromptonville, in front of their home on the 6th Row of Bromptonville, in the area of Sherbrooke, QC. (left to right)

  1 : Albert Therriault (brother of the groom,
  2 : Jules Theriault (father of the groom),
  3 : Denise Migneault (mother of groom),
  4 : Joseph Castonguay (son of Fortunat and nephew of the groom),
  5 : Ludger Therriault (the groom),
  6 : Léonide Lemieux (the bride),
  7 : Emile Theriault (uncle of groom),
  8 : Eugénie Lebrun (wife of Emile and aunt of groom),
  9 : Thomas Emond (uncle of groom),
10 : Joséphine Migneault
(aunt of groom, wife of Thomas and sister of Denise),
11 : Francois Migneault (cousin
of groom),
12 : Fortunat Castonguay (
brother-in-law of groom),
13 : Frédéric Castonguay (
son of Fortunat and nephew of groom),
14 : Albina Castonguay (
daughter of Fortunat and niece of groom),
15 : Alma Castonguay (
daughter of Fortunat and niece of groom),
16 : Marie Therriault  (
sister of groom and wife of Fortunat),
17 : Denise Therriault (
sister of groom and wife of Louis),
18 : Yvonne Lavoie (
daughter of Louis and niece of groom),
19 : Hélena Lavoie (
daughter of Louis and niece of groom,
20 : Emilia Lavoie (
daughter of Louis and niece of groom),
21 : Louis Lavoie (
brother-in-law of groom)


1910: Ludger and Leonide Theriault wedding party in front of their home. 1910: Ludger and Leonide.
Photo at left:
Ludger Therriault, son of Jules; Jules Theriault, son of Lambert; Denise Migneault, spouse of Jules; Louis Marie Therriault, son of Ludger and
Léonide Léonide Lemieux, wife of Ludger.

Home and building of Ludger Therriault farm. Note that the barn behind the house is the building shown below in photo taken in 2008. 

(Click on photo to enlarge.) 

The Ludger Terriault farmland today.
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Above, the Ludger Terriault barn.
(Click on photo to enlarge))
One the right, Jules (Lambert's son) and his wife, Denise Theriault with their daughter, Denise and her husband, Louis Lavoie. Louis and Denise are joined by many of their daughters and their youngest son, Lucien.

Standing: Adelina Lavoie,,
Jules Theriault, Denise MigneaultJules Theriault, Denise Migneault,Emila Lavoie, Rose Lavoie, Yvonne Lavoie. 
Sitting : Lucien Lavoie,,
Louis Lavoie, Helena Lavoie, Denise Therriault.
René Therriault and his bride, Géralda Morissette on the day of their wedding with his brothers and sisters and their spouses. René is a son of Ludger and grandson of Jules. Standing : Louis Marie Therriault, Angeline Paquin, René Therriault, Géralda Morissette, Lionel Therriault, Irène Giroux.  Sitting : Edmond Couture, Marie Jeanne Therriault, Colette Therriault, Moise Giroux.
René and Géralda Therriault are the parents of our delegate for this Great-Branch, Alain Therriault.
At right, René Therriault, Alain's father, and his youngest daughter, Maryse Therriault.

Géralda (Morrisette) Therriault (left) with her son, Alain (center) and her grandson, Alain's son, David now in his 30's.  (Click on photo to enlarge) 
Our delegate for this Great-Branch, Alain Therriault and his fiancée, Lise Robert at the unveiling of the Joseph Theriault monument in St-Jean Port-Joli in 2010.
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Alain's two sons, David (left) and Simon (right) with their mother, Manon Darveau.

Alain's sisters, Lise and Francine (standing), with his brother, Mario (left) and Alain.
The following set of photos focus on Lambert's children and descendants, specifically his son, George Henri and some of their children.  
On the left...
: Florian Soucy,(son of Germaine) Germaine Therriault.(daughter of Ernest) Sitting: Ernest Therriault (son of Georges Henri), Nicole Soucy, (daughter of Florian) Georges Henri Theriault (son of Lambert)
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On the right...
The memorial card for Malvina Lévesque Therriault, wife of Georges Henri Therriault.

Alain Therriault is a 13th generation great-grandson of Jehan Terriault, a 2nd great-grandson of Lambert and our Delegate for the Lambert and Lucie Theriault Great-Branch.