...from the Great-Branch of
'Telesphore A. & Maria E. Theriot' [MRIN 701]

Acadia... Santo Domingo... Louisiana

1. Jehan
2. Claude
3. Germain
4. Jean

5. Joseph
6. Pierre
7. Pierre II
8. Augustin
9. Telesphore

The first four generations lived in Acadia with the fifth generation (Joseph) forcefully emigrating to Louisiana as part of the Great Eviction starting in 1755.

Journey of the Fifth Generation. Joseph and his wife and family were probably held prisoner by the British at Halifax in 1763. We know that Joseph and
Madeleine were in Louisiana by 9 Dec 1765.Note 1 Their daughter Marie Rose was baptized in New Orleans at that time, and they appear on the 1777 census at St. James, LA. We do not know where they were in Louisiana between 1765 and 1777.

The remaining generations, 6th through 9th lived in Louisiana where their descendants are today.

Aline Theriot Meaux is a 11th generation great-grand-daughter of Jehan Terriot and our Delegate for the 'Telesphore A. & Maria E. Theriot' Great-Branch. Louise Meaux Duhon is a 12th generation great-grand-daughter of Jehan Terriot and our Associate Delegate for the branch. Louise is Aline's daughter.

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This photo history is courtesy of Aline "MizMo" Theriot Meaux, a very fine set of old family photos.

Clockwise from the top left in MizMo's own words: "This is 'Grandma August' , Telesphore A. Theriot's mother, and her four oldest grand daughters. The one in the back, with the frilly cap on is my Aunt Brigette, who lived to age 103."

Next, "Grandma August with her step brother, a Mr. Roussell, who was also her brother in law, because he married one of her sisters. 'Grandma August' was the wife of Augustin Celestin, and the mother of Telesphore...  Her name was Rosalie Madeleine Drouet.  'Grandma August' moved to Abbeville from Bayou du Large in Terrebonne Parish and lived with Telesphore and Marie Elvina. She was living with them when she died.  This picture... was taken in Abbeville not long before she died."

Next, "This is my dad, Alexandre Telesphore Theriot, taken in 1940 in Selma, Alabama, when he was in his early fifties." The inset is ..."my dad at age 19, when he had just become a married man."

Next, "My grandparents, Telesphore A. Theriot and Marie Elvina Fanguy... She was the daughter of Vincent Fanguy and Louisiana Watkins.  This picture was taken in Abbeville about 1900."

At left is MizMo's family... more formally... Aline Theriot Meaux (Alexandre, Telesphore). MizMo is our Great-Branch Delegate for the Telesphore/Maria branch and is grand-daughter of Telesphore Alexandre and Maria Elvina Fanguy. She is 8th great-grand-daughter of Jehan Terriot and Perrine Brault. Her deceased husband, Joseph Edias Meaux is shown in the insert at top right. 

Note 1.  While there is some family oral history that Joseph, Madeleine and their family were part of the group of Acadians who were diverted to Saint Domingue (Santo Domingo), the records which support that hypothesis have not yet been found.