...from the Great-Branch of
'Joseph & Gaudélie Theriault' [MRIN 895]
1. Jehan
2. Claude
3. Germain
4. Claude

5. Joseph
6. Jacques-Léon
7. Pierre
8. Placide
9. Joseph

Acadia... St Lawrence

With the exception of Jehan who was born in France, the first four generations in this branch were born, raised and buried in Acadia.

Journey of the Fifth Generation.  Joseph I, of the 5th generation, was born around 1719 in Rivière aux Canards, Acadia where he was raised. He later moved to the more prosperous settlement of Beaubassin where he married Agnès Cormier in 1745. With the

"Pierre Thériault [RIN 2268] and his sons, around 1890." 
Standing (l-r):    Placide, Thaddée. Sitting: Ferdinand, Pierre, Amable." This photo originally came to us from Murielle Thériault, delegate of the George & Virginie Thériault Great-Branch, and Adrien Thériault, delegate of this branch, the George & Gaudelie Thériault Great-Branch.
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"Wednesday, 8 December 2004  A Note from Murielle..."
burning of Beaubassin in 1750 and the worsening conflicts with the English, he decided to leave his homeland and migrate with his wife and his six children to the Montmagny area on the Saint Lawrence River in 1759. After their daughter Catherine was born in January, they departed on their trek westward to the St-John River then continuing north to Québec. They arrived in the Montmagny area around November of 1759 where they baptized infant Catherine at the parish of Saint François de Sales de la Rivière du Sud in Montmagny. After several years, Joseph and Agnès eventually received a grant of land where he settled on the Côtes des Chênes in St-Jean-Port-Joli. Today, a monument is erected in their honor
by the Association des familles Thériault d'Amérique.

Generations 6 through 9 lived in the Province of Québec (St-Jean-Port-Joli, Saint-Arsène and Rivière-du-Loup).

Jacques-Léon [RIN 49], elder son of Joseph I and brother of Anselme, Charles and Antoine lived in St-Jean-Port-Joli after their arrival from Beaubassin. Some of Jacque-Léon's sons moved to other areas close-by however. One of Jacques-Léon's three sons, Pierre [RIN 2268] for example, followed his uncle Anselme and his cousin Abraham to go clear some land in the back settlements of Cacouna around 1811.

Pierre-Cyrille Terriot, son of Jacques-Léon and Marie Francoise Fortin, was born on 25 October 1795 in St Jean Port-Joli, Québec.
 Pierre Thériault and Marie Anne Morin were the god-parents.

According to the Great-Branch delegate, André Thériault, Pierre-Cyrille may have served in the War of 1812. He married Marie-Angèle Tardif on 2 September 1822 in St Pascal de Kamouraska. Unfortunately, Marie-Angèle died in 1826 of unknown causes. Three years later, Pierre-Cyrille remarried to Scholastique Pelletier, daughter of François and Scholastique Morin in St Jean Port-Joli. They had eight children. In 1851, Pierre resided on the 3rd Row of Ste Arsène parish. He was a farmer. He died at the age of 96 on 8 April 1891 and was buried on 11 April under the church of St Arsène. His head stone is shown at right. (Click on photos to enlarge.)
    This is the headstone for Pierre-Cyrille which was originally installed to mark the site of his burial under the church of St Arsène. Sometime later, it was removed from the church and kept at the home (in a shed) of Marguerite Thériault, daughter of Gaudiode of Rivière du Loup. We understand that Pierre-Cyrille donated the land where the church of St-Arsène stands today.
  (Left) Placide Thériault, second son and fourth child of Pierre-Cyrille and Scholastique Pelletier, was born in 1837 in St Arsène, Québec. In 1872, he married Vénérande, the daughter of Stanislaus Roy and Esther Gagnon. They had four children after which Vénérande died in 1884. A year later, Placide remarried to Césarie Martin. Placide died in 1913 and was buried in Rivière du Loup, Québec.
(Right) Thadée Thériault, third son and fifth child of Pierre-Cyrille and Scholastique Pelletier, was born in 1839. In 1870, he married Arthémise Cimon of St Roch des Aulnies, Québec.
They had at least one child, a daughter, Éloise Alice in 1877. Thadée died in 1920 in Rivière du Loup.
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Joseph Thériault and Gaudelie Bernier, probably around the time of their wedding in 1906 in Rivière du Loup, Québec. Joseph, was born, the son of Placide and Vénérande Roy Losier in 1881 in St Arsène. He married Gaudelie, daughter of Phydime and Georgiana Beaulieu, on 10 July 1906 at the St Francois Xavier church in Rivière du Loup. They had eight children. Joseph died at the very young age of 32 about one year after the birth of their last child. Gaudélie continued to raise her children. She died at the age of 69 and was buried on 15 February 1951 in Rivière du Loup. 
  Gaudiose, was born the third son of Placide and Vénérande. On 20 June 1911, he married Aurélie Dubé of St Honoré, Québec. Together, they had 11 children.

At right is the Gaudiose Thériault home in Rivière du Loup.
On the occasion of the Léo Thériault and Angéline Desponts wedding on 2 September 1935 at the Immaculée Conception de Notre Dame de Bellerive, Valleyfield, Québec.
(Left-right) Unknown, Maria Desponts, Pierre Beaulieu, Léo Thériault, Angéline Desponts, Amédée Desponts, Marie Desponts, Aurélien Pelchat.

Léo, was the first-born of Joseph and Gaudélie on 19 April 1907 in Rivière du Loup where he was raised. In 1935, he married Angéline Desponts, daughter of Amédée and Marie-Louise Coulombe of Ste Apolline, Québec.
Together, they raised ten children.
Leo died on 6 January 1995 in Ste Thérese de Bainville, Québec. He was buried on 10 January 1995.

Above, Léo, later in life.  
Adelard Thériault, 4th son and 5th child of Joseph and Gaudélie, born 29 August 1911 and baptized on 30 August at the St Francois Xavier Church in Rivière du Loup. In 1954, he married Marie Anne Coté of Montréal, Québec. They had at least three childred. (Left-right) Soeur Yolande Thériault, CNB, Cécile and Léo Thériault. Soeur Yolande was the first delegate of the Joseph & Gaudélie Thériault Great Branch. She died in 2001, soon after introducing her branch to the Archives of the Terriot Acadian Family Society. She was succeeded by her younger brother, André. (Date and location unknown.)
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  André Thériault is the first son and third child of Léo and an 11th generation great-grandson of Jehan Terriault and our Delegate for the Joseph & Gaudélie Thériault Great-Branch.