...from the Great-Branch of
'Philomene & Stephen Durant' [MRIN 1774]

Acadia... Southern NB... Nova Scotia

1. Jehan
2. Germain
3. Pierre
4. Joseph

5. Alexis
6. Joseph
7. Clement
8. Damien
9. Philomene
The first four generations lived in Acadia with the fourth generation (Joseph) forcefully emigrating to Louisiana as part of the Great Eviction which began in 1755. The whereabouts of Joseph after the 1763 census in Halifax are unknown. Joseph probably never made it to Louisiana with his widow and four of his sons. Joseph's elder son, Alexis (fifth generation) stayed in the area of Acadia, marrying in Cobequid, Acadia in 1747 just prior to the Great Eviction.

The fifth generation (Alexis) died in Acadia before the 1763 census, but his son Joseph somehow finished his life in the former Acadia, exactly where is unknown. We do not know whether Alexis migrated nor do we know anything about the location of Generation 6 (Joseph) although we suspect that it was not far somewhere between Cobequid and present-day southern New Brunswick.

Generation 7 (Clement) emerged in the southeastern corner of present-day New Brunswick in the early 1800's and later, Generation 8 (Damien) returned to Nova Scotia where the 9th generation (Philomene) remained around the Amherst area and where some of their descendants live today.

Vincent Durant is a  grandson of Philomene Theriault and is our Delegate for the Philomene & Stephen Durant Great-Branch.
Philomene (Theriault) is  one of the sixth great-grand-daughters of Jehan Terriot. The couple raised their family in Amherst, Nova Scotia. The 'Philomene / Stephen Durant' Great-Branch is one of only three Great-Branches in the 'Jehan, Germain Trunk' so far documented.

This photo was submitted by grandson Vincent Durant (Gerald Archibald DURANT, Philomene THERIAULT), Delegate of the Great-Branch.

Mr and Mrs Stephen Durant