...from the Great-Branch of
'Sara & Marie-Marcellin P. Bonvillian' [MRIN 1903]
1. Jehan
2. Germain
3. Pierre
4. Joseph
5. Thomas
6. Joseph
7. Joseph-Emile
8. Daniel
9. Sara

Acadia... Louisiana

The first three generations lived in Acadia.

Journey of the Fifth Generation.  The fourth generation (Joseph) probably died about the time of the 1763 release of Acadians from prison camp in Halifax. His widow Marie Françoise Melançon arrived with four of her children in Louisiana in 1765. According to our research, they were: Ambrose, Paul, Frances Xavier and Thomas. Note 1

The fifth generation (Thomas) through the 9th remained in Louisiana where their descendants are today.

Tracy Comeaux Flickinger is a great-grand-daughter of Sara Theriot and our Delegate for the Sara & Marie-Marcellin Bonvillian Great-Branch.
 Photo 1.  Marie-Marcellin Bonvillian holding his grand-daughter, Sandra Faye.
The lucky child receiving all of the attention of SARA THERIOT and her husband MARIE-MARCELLIN BONVILLIAN is grand-daughter Sandra Faye Bonvillian and it is clear that both Sara and Marie-Marcellin are very, very fond of this special child.

Marie-Marcellin and Sara Theriot Bonvillian, progenitors of the Great-Branch, are the great-grandparents of our TERRIOT ACADIAN FAMILY colleague, Tracy Flickinger. Tracy is the daughter of Sandra Faye Bonvillian (in the photo) and Delegate of that Great-Branch. The photo was taken sometime before 1943, the year Marie-Marcellin was deceased. 

Photo 2.  Sara Theriot Bonvillian, progenitor of this Great-Branch holding her grand-daughter, Sandra Faye.

 Photo 3. Marcellin P. Bonvillian at his work.

Tracy explained in her note which accompanied these photos that "...I only have these few (photos) that could be identified. I have others of Sara with possibly her daughters or sisters. Since both grandparents are deceased now, I don't have anyone as of yet who can identify all the people in the pictures.
Photo 4.  Left standing is Ophelia Julia Wiseman; Left sitting is Sara Theriot, Lillian Theriot (sisters).
 Photo 5. Second from left is Ophelia Julie Wiseman with her daughters, the Theriot Sisters.

Note 1.  While there is some family oral history that widow Marie Françoise Melançon Terriot's family were part of the group of Acadians who were diverted to Saint Domingue (Santo Domingo), the records which support that hypothesis have not yet been found.