...from the Great-Branch of
'Fernest J. & Cora Theriot' [MRIN 2165]
1. Jehan
2. Germain
3. Pierre
4. Joseph
5. Thomas
6. Hubert
7. Hubert
8. Romuald
9. Fernest

Acadia... Louisiana

The first three generations lived in Acadia.

Journey of the Fifth Generation.  The fourth generation (Joseph) probably died about the time of the 1763 release of Acadians from prison camp in Halifax. His widow Marie Françoise Melançon arrived with four of her children in Louisiana in 1765. According to our research, they were: Ambrose, Paul, Frances Xavier and Thomas. Note 1

The fifth generation (Thomas) through the 9th remained in Louisiana where their descendants are today.

Eldridge P. Theriot, Jr. is a 12th generation great-grandson of Jehan Terriot and our Delegate for the Fernest J. & Cora Theriot Great-Branch.
Christmas 1905... the Theriot men of New Iberia, Louisiana 
Christmas 1905... On the front steps of the Romuald Theriot home in Iberia Parish, Louisiana... (Click on photo to zoom.)
This fine-looking group is from New Iberia, Louisiana. The photo comes to us courtesy of the Great-Branch Delegate, Eldridge Theriot, Jr.

In his note, Eldridge tells us that the photo came from his father's collection and was taken around Christmas, 1905 on the front steps of Romuald Theriot's house in Iberia Parish, LA. Romuald was Fernest's father. 

Top row:(L to R): Romuald Theriot (Hubert, Hubert, Thomas, Joseph, Pierre, Germain, Jehan), Emile Orgeron, Romuald's son-in-law, married to Eulalie, 1st child of Romuald & Corinne (R&C)

Middle row:(L to R): William Segura - Romuald's wife's nephew, Amar's brother; Octave Theriot, 5th child of R&C Joseph Theriot - 4th child of R&C; Joseph Romero, Jr - Romuald's nephew.

Bottom row:(L to R): Fernand Theriot, 3rd child of R&C;
Fernest Theriot, 2nd child of R&C (Eldridge's Grandfather); Anthony Audibert, Fernest's and Fernand's future brother-in-law; Leonce Theriot, 6th child of R&C Amar Segura - Romuald's wife's nephew, William's brother. 

Note 1.  While there is some family oral history that widow Marie Françoise Melançon Terriot's family were part of the group of Acadians who were diverted to Saint Domingue (Santo Domingo), the records which support that hypothesis have not yet been found.

In a recent photo taken September 22, 2012, in St. Peter’s Cemetery in New Iberia, LA, Sonny is standing behind his son, Eldridge Paul Theriot III. 

To their right are the tombs of their patriarch Romuald and his wife, Corinne Segura Theriot, along with two of their children, George and Rita. 

To their left are the tombs of Sonny's father, Eldridge Paul Theriot, Sr. and his parents, Fernest, (a child of Romuald and namesake of the Great-Branch), and his wife, Cora Audibert Theriot.

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