...from the Great-Branch of
'George & Philomene Theriault' [MRIN 2449]
1. Jehan
2. Claude
3. Germain
4. Claude
5. Paul
6. Pierrre
7. Joseph
8. Francois
9. George

Acadia... St Lawrence... Maine

With the exception of Jehan who was born in France, the first four generations in this branch were born, raised and buried in Acadia.

Journey of the Fifth Generation. Paul, of the 5th generation, was born around 1716 in the St Charles parish of Grand Pré, Acadia where he was raised. In 1740, he married Anne Hébert in St Charles and later they moved to the more prosperous settlement of Beaubassin. This move may have been part of a plan that he, his brother Joseph and their cousin, Joseph [RIN1404] coordinated. With the burning of Beaubassin in 1750 and the worsening conflicts with the English, Paul decided to leave his homeland and migrate with his wife and his then seven children to Rivière Ouelle on the Saint Lawrence River sometime before 1759.

Generations 6, 7, 8 remained in Kamouraska, Province of Québec.

In the 9th generation, George first married to Modeste Michaud in St. Pascal, Kamouraska and later emigrated his family to the United States. The 1870 US Census indicates that George lived in Old Town, Maine with Modeste and their two children at the time. Some time before 1872, Modeste died and George remarried in 1872 to Philomene Parent in Old Town, Maine. They had seven more children and most of them continued to live in Old Town, ME. Unfortunately, George lost Philomene in June 1888 and remarried a final time in Old Town, Maine later in the year to Philomene Roy, widow of Joseph Hamel.

One of the 10th generation children, Joseph G., who was born in Old Town, married in Tracadie N.B. to Palmyre Ouellette but apparently returned to the United States where at least some of their children were born. One of his sons, Leo G. was born in Fairfield, Maine. He later married in Augusta, Maine to Marie Jeanne Paradis , the parents of our delegate, Jeannette Theriault Cloutier.

Jeannette Theriault Cloutier is a 12th generation great-grand-daughter of Jehan Terriault and our Delegate for the George & Philomene Theriault Great-Branch.
Photo 1. Joseph G. and Palmyre (Ouellette) Family, taken 1952.
1st row, l to r: Louise (LaChance) Joseph G. and Palmyre (Ouellette)
; 2nd row, Clement, Wilfred, Léo and Henry

Photo 2.  50th Wedding Anniversary of Joseph & Palmyre Thériault.
Photo 3.  1933 Leo G. &
M. Jeanne A. Theriault Wedding Photo