...from the Great-Branch of
'Adjutor & Marie Theriault' [MRIN 2625]

Acadia... France... St-Jacques L'Achigan, QC, CA

1. Jehan
2. Germain
3. Germain
4. Charles
5. Jean-Baptiste
6. Francois
7. Germain
8. Urgel
9. Adjutor
The first four generations lived in Acadia with the fourth generation (Charles) forcefully emigrated to France in 1758 as part of the Great Eviction which began in 1755. However, Charles was among several Acadians who were lost at sea in this sail to France. Two of his sons, Jean (5th generation) and his older brother, Honoré were eventually taken to France.

Marcel Thériault in his 1936 short paper titled “Notes Sur l’Exil de Mon Arrière Grand-Père Jean Terriau, Né en Acadie Près de Louisbourg” documents the account of Jean and Honore’s life following the Great Eviction when they were separated from their family at the ages of 15 and 17, respectively. Prior to that time, they had followed their parents Charles and Angélique Terriot to Ile St-Jean in 1751. There, they escaped deportation but in 1758, the island fell to British hands and Acadians living there were deported to France. Jean and Honoré were separated from the rest of their family.

Their mother and father and Honore’s wife, Isabelle Bujold and children, Claire-Gabrielle and Jean-Baptiste, all perished during the Atlantic crossing. In 1759, Jean and Honoré’s vessel sailed for Boston where they were to be exiled but on arriving, the Bostonians refused them entry. The ship then sailed for Plymouth, England and from there went on to France. The two brothers were taken into the service of a baron LeBlanc who lived not far from Lyon.

After 10 years of service with the baron, Jean secretly married the baron’s daughter, Magdeline Charlotte in October 1769 and settled in Pleudihen, Brittany. In the next few years, they had two children although the first child, a daughter, died within the first year. On learning of the marriage, the baron banned both of them and their newborn from his service and land.

They made plans to return to Canada accompanied by Honoré who had remarried to Marie Fouquet and had two children in Pleudihen. In 1774, they sailed from Le Havre with St-Jacques L’Achigan in the Province of Québec as their destination. During these intervening years since the eviction, Jean and Honoré’s sister, Marie had been deported to New York in 1755 and later, was able to migrate to L’Assomption in the Province of Québec in 1766. Sulpicien Fathers were providing lots to deported Acadian families. When her two brothers arrived with their families, Marie was able to obtain one lot for each of them. The two brothers and their families settled there with their sister in August 1774.

The sixth generation (François) through the 9th remained in the Province of Québec.

Urgel Theriault and Olive Aumont family

Marie Morin and Adjutor Thériault with their children:  Marie-Louise, Joseph, Alfred and Alma.

Jean-Baptiste, son of Charles, went to St. Jacques de l’Achigan, Quebec (1774, where his son François was born ten years later. François married Marie Houde in 1811, who six years later gave birth to Germain in 1817.

Germain, later migrated to St. Alphonse Rodriguez (Berthier Co.) with his wife Marguerite Richard in 1841.  One of Germain and Marguerite's sons was Urgel (1841-1929) who later bought a concession in St. Côme (Berthier) after marrying Olive Aumont (St. Alphonse, 1863). The concession was composed of sand and rock, and did not offer sufficient agricultural resources. So, he oriented his efforts towards the forest exploitation.

With the passing of the years, the lumber industry became important in the area. Copping Mill was established in Joliette and soon sub-contractors were hired. Adjutor (1863-1942), the eldest of Urgel’s sons was one of those contractors. He passed the business on to his son Joseph.


Son of Adjutor. Married Parmelia Arbour from the parish of St. Emelie de l’Energie. Had 21 children. He sub-contracted for Consolidated Paper Inc and contributed to economic development in the area, hiring more than 100 men in the 1950s..

St. Côme, Berthier Co, Quebec, 1929


Henri & Florence Thériault (nee Bordeleau)
Joseph’s business passed on to Henri, his second son (b 1914). He married in St. Côme Florence Bordeleau (1945) and had with her seven children, including Serge, born 1947. The family eventually moved to Montreal where Serge studied and married Diane Chouinard (1970). He completed his studies, found work and raised his family in Ottawa.

Bishop Serge A. Theriault (right) is a 12th generation great-grandson of Jehan Terriot and our Delegate for the Adjutor & Marie Theriault Great-Branch. (Photo taken in September 1990)