...from the Great-Branch of
'Telesphore J. & Eleanore Theriault' [MRIN 3079]

Acadia... Louisiana

1. Jehan
2. Claude
3. Claude II
4. Cyprien
5. Pierre
6. Pierre Marie II
7. Ambroise
8. Ferdinand
9. Telesphore J
With the exception of Jehan who was born in France, the first four generations in this branch were born, raised and buried in Acadia.

The fifth generation (Pierre, Sr.) was evicted to France. According to Karen Theriot Reader (See the JOSEPH ELRIC & LEORA Great-Branch), “Pierre THERIOT, Sr. came with his son Pierre, then age 15, to Louisiana from France in 1785 as part of the seven ships financed by the Spanish. They were the 41st family (of 2 persons) aboard the ship "Le Saint Rémi," which arrived in New Orleans on 10 Sep 1785. Pierre's wife had died in France less than a year before they left, as well as seven of their eight children. Pierre, Sr. remarried in Louisiana, but no more children are listed. Pierre Marie THERIOT (as Jr. was called) married in 1792 in Ascension Parish, LA, and had 10 children, four of them sons who also married and had children. The remaining generations through Telesphore remained in Louisiana.

Laurie Theriot is a 12th generation grands-daughter of Jehan Terriault and is our Delegate for the Telesphore J. & Eleanore Theriault Great-Branch.

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