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5-Joseph I

Acadia... St Lawrence

With the exception of Jehan who was born in France, the first four generations in this branch were born, raised and buried in Acadia. 

Journey of the Fifth Generation.  Joseph I, of the 5th generation, was born around 1719 in Rivière aux Canards, Acadia where he was raised. He later moved to the more prosperous settlement of Beaubassin where he married Agnès Cormier in 1745. With the burning of Beaubassin in 1750 and the worsening conflicts with the English, he decided to leave his homeland and migrate with his wife and his six children to the Montmagny area on the Saint Lawrence River in 1759. After their daughter Catherine was born in January, they departed on their trek westward to the St-John River then continuing north to Québec. They arrived in the Montmagny area around November of 1759 where they baptized infant Catherine at the parish of Saint François de Sales de la Rivière du Sud in Montmagny. After several years, Joseph and Agnès eventually received a grant of land where he settled on the Côtes des Chênes in St-Jean-Port-Joli. Today, a monument is erected in their honor by the Association des familles Thériault d'Amérique.

Generations 6 through 9 lived in the Province of Québec (Kamouraska and Rimouski). George and Virginie moved to the North Bay region in 1886.

Murielle Theriault is a12th generation great grand-daughter of Jehan Terriot and our delegate for the "George & Virginia Thériault". Great-Branch.