There was a Meaux reunion, cher.  I was the only Theriot in the bunch. Turned out beautifully.  My daughter Anna and I got the book together, making a copy for each of the seven branches.  We added a section of MEAUX MEMORIES, and several family members offered stories about things they remembered from their childhood.  Some were hilarious! Another daughter (Laurie) put up a beautiful display called IN MEMORIUM, featuring pictures and short life stories about deceased family members.  All of this can be added to over the years, to keep things up to snuff.

Our branch furnished the meats for a huge barbecue, others brought covered dishes.  One brother in law made a German chocolate cake and decorated it with a "family tree" - just as pretty as it tasted. One daughter (my oldest, Cissi) found the recipe that her grandpa Meaux used in his meat market, and made a big batch, packaged it and gave it as door prizes!  One daughter, Louise, crocheted a beautiful afghan for another door prize.  Everyone contributed something, mostly hand crafted or home made.

We had about 175 guests.  Next year, it will be the turn of the family of my oldest sister-in-law.  They have asked if we will "help" - and of course, we will.

When asked why they had worked so hard and so long on this project, all my children had to say was "We did it for our Dad!"  I was so very proud of them.


Copyright © 2001 Aline T. Meaux, Abbeville, LA

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