(pronounced: po ahn po, the 'n' in 'ahn' is almost silent.)
HISTORY This recipe is one from the Madawaska Historial Society's REUNION FAMILIES' FAVORITE RECIPES. Copies of the cookbook may be ordered directly from the Historical Society, Madawaska, Maine 04756. This recipe is a Hebert Family Reunion recipe which comes from Cecile Pozzuto. 
PREPARATION Wet Dutch oven. Prepare a crust not quite as rich as for pie. Roll dough. Cover bottom with layer of dough. Make it go up the sides of Dutch oven. Roll another layer to go around the sides of pan. Add large cubes of pork, beef and chicken. Add chunks of potatoes and carrots, salt, pepper, onion and summer savory.

Roll another layer of crust, wet to stick, and make a hole in middle of the crust. Repeat for second layer, same as first. Leave at least 2 inches from top of Dutch oven. Top with a layer of dough like a pie crust. Pour chicken broth or other broth through the center hole of crust until it comes to the top. Bake at 325 degrees for 3 hours. Next day, bake another hour or two.

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