TITLE RÔTI AUX PATATES JAUNE / Pot Roast with Golden Potatoes
(pronounced: ro-tee oh pa-tat jone)
HISTORY This recipe is one from the Madawaska Historial Society's REUNION FAMILIES' FAVORITE RECIPES. Copies of the cookbook may be ordered directly from the Historical Society, Madawaska, Maine 04756. This recipe is a Cyr Family Reunion recipe which comes from Rena Bouchard Hebert. 
PREPARATION In a cast-iron skillet, pot or electric skillet, melt butter to oil surface. Wash and pat dry the meat, place in cooking pan and brown well on both sides. Add salt, pepper, onion and water. Simmer until tender (3 hours). This can be done in a moderate oven or on the stove. When tender, remove the cover and let liquid evaporate. Roast meat again until nice and brown. Add 2 cups of water, scrape the bottom of pan to make a good brown juice. Add potatoes and carrots and let cook slowly until they are golden. If the gravy is too thin, sticken with cornstarch or flour. Serve with warm ployed.
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