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(1)  The BLUE-SHADED sections identify those Great-Branches which have submitted their DNA for testing and which have been found to be identical to the Terriot DNA benchmark.

(2) The GREEN TEXT identifies the generations of the four Great-Branches who emigrated to Louisiana and produced male descendants which today form the Louisiana part of the Terriot family.  

(3) The YELLOW-SHADED sections identify those branches for which we have questions which we hope our DNA testing will help resolve. 

(4) The numbering system (numbers in [brackets] after the name) used in our Lineage Chart is the system used in Stephen A. White's definitive 'Dictionnaire Généalogique des Familles Acadiennes' to identify the lines that are documented in the 'dictionnaire'. If an identifier is not given for an individual, it is because the individual may not have had sons or was married later than about 1715 and thus was not included in Mr. White's 'dictionnaire'. The Record Identification Numbers (RIN) given these individuals in our 'Jehan Terriot Archive' have been aligned in the forthcoming version 2005.1 to be the same as the identifiers in the 'dictionnaire'. 

Great-Branch Lineage Chart for Jehan Terriot Descendants