We occasionally receive letters asking for help and advice associated with food and cooking. Although we have put together a wonderful collection of recipes, we certainly are no experts in food. So, we thought we'd turn it over to our visitors. There must be someone out there who can answer some of these questions and offer advice. 

So here we go with our first letter...

From: Gretchen Doumit [g.doumit@worldnet.att.net]

OK I'm not a Theriault but I'm from a line [of] Comeaus in Comeauville and I am desperate. My family has been searching high and low for Rappie pie pans. They don't sell them in the United States and I have an old cousin of my mom's who still makes Rappie pie by hand. He would love to buy some Rappie pans and pass them on to his daughters and son -ALL who make Rappie pie.

Right now he has a 20 lb (~9KG) and would like to get a 10 lb (4.5 Kg) pie pans. Is there anyplace we could go to buy these pans?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!!

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