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Sent: Wednesday, February 18, 2004 2:35 PM
Subject:  Deportation of the Acadians

It  is with surprise and consternation that I take note of the Proclamation of Acadian day signed by J.C.Villard and published in the last bulletin of Association.

This word "Grand Dérangement" when it stands for the "Deportation of Acadians" is absolutely absurd and wrong. The term seems to regard the deportation of Acadians as the same as a change in rent or a change of residence when reality is drastically different.

The deportation is in the same order of cruelties as the deportation of the Jews by Hitler or the deportation of Albanians by Slobodan Milosevic currently being judged before the International Court of Justice for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The deportation of Acadians is in fact a war crime and a crime against humanity because it comprises as many cruelties as the preceding ones that is to say theft, plunder, murder, rape, burning houses and villages, agressions, repressions, separations of families etc… etc… To call the "Deportation of Acadians",  "Grand Dérangement " comes from an atrophied brain and a morbid genetic ascendance. The terminalogy is quite simply a hypocrisy. 

Jacques Thériault

 Those who try to change the significance of certain horrible deeds will often use language to revise history. I call it the language of the 'Politically Correct' which has overwhelmed our society today. Others call it the language of diplomacy. Perhaps that's why we have so much misunderstanding in today's world.

But what words would properly convey the signifcance of the loss and death of so many family members at sea under conditions used only for cattle transport? What words would properly convey the cruelty, the violence and the crimes brought upon those families who lost their properties that had taken generations to develop? ...what words for the separation of so many families and the decades spent by those families wandering over the North American continent in desperate attempts to rejoin their lost family members? ...what words for the mass gathering of thousands of Acadian men and boys in churches only to lock them away from their families? ... what words for the religious persecutions and the dispersal over all parts of the world to break up the Acadian identity?  One word: criminal. JRTT

From: Rune Kongshaug [runek@sympatico.ca]
Dated: Sat 5/31/03 2:24 PM
Subj:  la salle commune

Chere famille Terriau.

Votre site web est fantastique!

Je suis etudiant en maitrise d'architecture a McGill a Montreal, Norvegien d'Origine, qui reside maintenant a Montreal et New York.

Je m'interesse beacoup a la maison acadienne comme unite qui a permit votre nation de rester fidele a un certain style de vie.  Au moins, c'est mon hypothese que voile mieux explique (je l'espere) dans le document ci-joint.

Dans quelques jours, je vais presenter ce paper lors d'une conference d'architecture "vernaculaire" a St Pierre Miquelon.  C'est la VAF -- vernacular architecture forum -- qui organize.

J'ai une question et une requette.

1. Est-ce que je peux emprunter quelques photos de votre site web (et indiquer la provenance) lors de ma presentation?

2. Mon papier serait meilleur (et je suis en train de faire quelques ameliorations) si je pouvait faire reference a la vie des acadiens-devenus-pecheurs dans le contexte de leur foyer.
Mais, malheureusement, j'ai trouve tres peu de photos et de sources graphiquew qui pourraient m'aider a communiquer mieux avec mon audience... L'unique importance de cette salle, tant d'un point de vue economique et social comme moyen de resistance et adaptation aux noueaux challenges d'antan a nos jours...  Auriez-vous le temps et puis la gentillesse de lire mon text?  Et peutetre indiquer des aides visuelles?

Rune Kongshaug
M. Arch, McGill University

From: franz.granger [franz.granger@wanadoo.fr]
Dated: Mon 7/2/01 5:41 AM
Subj:  de Franz LAHAYE-GRANGER le 02/07/2001

Bonjour les Cousins!

je suis un Français (né en 1958 à LILLE) originaire du Nord de la FRANCE,mais habitant depuis 1979 la NORMANDIE.
IFS-PLAINE près de la ville de CAEN.
J'ai éffectué des recherches sur la famille LAURENT GRANGER.
En effet,cela remonte en 1659,à PORT-ROYAL.(Il était matelot,natif de PLYMOUTH en1637,il parti de son pays natal à bord du THOMAS TEMPLE'S).
Il se maria avec Marie-Henriette LANDRY en 1667.
Ils eurent 8 enfants,dont parmis eux,un certain René GRANGER qui se maria avec Marguerite TERRIOT (1678-1740)
Plusieurs générations,et,aprés 1755 LE GRAND DERANGEMENT,c'est l'exode!
C'est en  1763 de FALMOUTH,que ces familles partirent à bord de la flute du roy "LA FAUVETTE",
vers BELLE-ILE-EN-MER. etc........

Avez-vous un lien avec Marguerite TERRIOT?

Je suis heureux d'appartenir à cette grande histoire ACADIENNE,et,d'avoir des souches ancestrales!

Dans l'attente de votre réponse, et félicitation pour votre site!
veuillez recevoir nos salutations distinguées.


From: Barry Taylor [bntaylor@home.com]
Dated: Tue 6/26/01 1:49 AM
Subj:  Rappelle-toi quand l'âme de ta mère

Hi Joe!

Another beauty for you! These old tunes just amaze me. This one has all the class of a Strauss waltz! The sentimental lyrics will no doubt touch the hearts of a few people.


From: Lisa Roy [lisa@aquilatours.com]
Dated: Tue 6/26/01 2:24 PM
Subj:  Acadian travel and learn opportunities

Greetings from the Canada's eastern coast!  ..thought the attached travel program
may be of interest to your organization and its members - the ultimate French
Acadian experience!

The next Congres Mondial will be hosted in Atlantic Canada in 2004. Not
only does that mean all the fresh seafood and Acadian French you can stand,
but it also means delightful ocean breezes (July temps 75-85F), inexpensive
travel, Acadian theatre, music, and learning - a way to connect your
members to their historical and cultural roots.

I would be happy to begin work on a Congres Mondial travel program
especially designed with your family and friends' goals and interests in mind.

Please let me know if there is an opportunity to discuss interest in this
type of experience for your members.

Warm regards!

Aquila Tours Inc.  1.800.561.9091   www.aquilatours.com

Fully customized natural and human history, culture, and wildlife experiences that match the philosophy of your organization and the interests of your members. Aquila has 20 years of experience designing and delivering educational travel to non profit organizations.  Aquila Tours Inc., an Atlantic Canada based tour operator is offering custom designed educational and experiential travel programs for alumni associations, cultural & historical organizations, and special interest groups, in celebration of this international cultural and historically significant event…Congrès Mondial Acadian.

From: Footprints8700@aol.com
Dated: Fri 6/22/01 3:40 PM
Subj:  re: Theriault family

    Well, it's all very interesting -- would you like to add other names to
your listing:
    My name if Jeannette (Theriault) Cloutier, I live in Maine (USA) my
grandfather was Joseph Theriault -- married my grandmother Palymre Ouellette
ion Jan. 20, 1901 in Chatham, NB Canada.  I'm sure of 2 children born in
Canada, by the name of Clement & Louise -- then they moved to Maine where
several other children were born.  (Joseph date of birth was in 1875) I
    If any one has any information regarding this family I'd like to follow
through with it.  Also my Great Grandfather name was George Theriault & Great
Grandmother was Philomene Parent.
    This information was written in my Family tree book that my parents had
done for me when I was born -- most of my family members are now decided and
as I'm getting along in years also I would like to put this information that
I have together for my children & grandchildren for future generations.
    Anyway information that I could obtain would be deeply appreciated.
Maybe were cousin's from long distance, I'd like to think so!
    Always look forward receiving e-mail or newsletters.  Thanks again

Sincerely,  Jeannette

From: Loubert Trahan [lgtrahan@eatel.net]
Dated: Thu 6/7/01 8:14 PM
Subj:  Links

Just surfed in to your wonderful site.  Many personal friends and churchgoers in my small town with name "Theriot".  Am putting a link to my index of Acadian/Cajun Families, and would appreciate your doing the same with:  www.cafa.org   Please read our statement of purpose and our ongoing efforts to promote the Acadian Culture here in Louisiana.

Loubert Trahan, CAFA

From: DMenard582@aol.com
Dated: Tue 6/5/01 10:46 PM
Subj:  (no subject)

Your recipes are great.
Donald Menard
Erath, LA 

From: Lucille A. Hoag [lahoag@athenet.net]
Dated: Sun 6/3/01 3:02 PM
Subj:  Grandmaison dit Theriault


I have managed to track my father's family back to Jean Baptiste
Grandmaison dit Theriault, born in the early 1700's, supposedly the son of
Guy Germain Theriault/Theriot dit Grandmaison and Marie Anne Poulin.  Jean
Baptiste married Marguerite Josephte Thibodeau on June 17, 1752 at St.
Louis de Beausejour, Acadia.

I have found Guy Germain listed as Germain Guy and as J. B. Guy Terriot,
and he was supposedly born about 1690 in France; married February 3, 1713
Ste. Famille, Ile D'Orleans, Quebec, Canada, to Marie Anne Poulin.
His parents were supposedly (Guy?) Germain Terriault/Theriault/Terriot and
Anne Guillot.

Do you have any information on the above people?  Any assistance would be
greatly appreciated.

Peace & Much Thanks,

Blessed Be!
Lucille A. Hoag

From: Joan Daigle [msdaigle@telocity.com]
Dated: Tue 5/29/01 8:38 AM
Subj:  Theriot

I am so glad I found your wonderful web site!
My maternal grandmother is a Theriot from Houma, Louisiana. I have just
begun to research my roots.

Also, my ex-husband is a Theriot, also from Houma, La. We have always been
assured that we are not closely related, but I want to trace the ancestry
for our son.

In reading your immediate lineage, I see many familiar given names.

Just wanted to say hello!
Joan Olivia Daigle

Have a wonderful day!

From: greywolfca [greywolfca@telus.net]
Dated: Tue 5/22/01 12:34 AM
Subj:  Family Bulletin Board  -- Looking for Dad

My mother was from Blanchard Settlement, near Caraquet, her name was Delia Paulin, but if you are from that region, you would probably have heardmore of my grandmother, Agnes Paulin (widow of Remi) and married second husband Napoleon Breton.  When I heard "Partons la mer est belle"  I immediately got very homesick.  I miss my Acadian home, and perhaps someday, I will  be able to go visit again. Thank you.

Also do you by any chance have the words to the song" Un canadien errant"?
Many thanks for the bit of "home"

Grace Fenn

From: Eighthands4jesus@aol.com
Dated: Tue 5/15/01 1:42 PM
Subj:  Family Bulletin Board  -- Looking for Dad

Hello!  I just sent a message a few minutes ago, but later noticed that I should put Family Bulletin Board in the subject area, if I want my message to be posted for all to read.  Let's try again....

I would love to find this information for my mother-in-law.  She knows very little about her father, and although it was fun looking at the Theriault web-site, there's a gap between where the information stops and where her knowledge begins.  Here's what she knows about her father.

            Joseph Leon Theriault
            born 1905
            in New Brunswick

I guess she also knows when he died, several decades ago, but I failed to get that information from her.

She's nervous about trying to find this information, but I think it would be great if we could learn anything about Joseph Leon Theriault, his sibling(s), parents, grandparents, etc.

If you know anything about the above, please e-mail us.  Thanks for your help.

God bless you!


From: Joanne Vaughan [Jvaughan@selnetwork.com]
Dated: Mon 5/14/01 7:16 PM
Subj:  Therriault family lineage

Hello, my name is Joanne Vaughan and I'm trying to find my maternal
family genealogy.  I am attaching an excel file which shows the lineage
by the information I received from my cousin Claude Therriault.  I was
wondering if you could give me any more information on both the Dube and
Therriault genealogy.  I have been delving into your web site and seem
to lose the trail after Pierre Terriot (367).  I have tried at the
Surrey Library and have contacted Linda Dube regarding the Dube family,
but I seem to reach dead ends.  The only people I could find listed at
the Library were my Great-grandparents Georges and Elmire Theriault, not
my grandparents, Alcide and Ernestine Therriault.  (My grandfather
Alcide added an r to his name to differentiate from his twin brother

I would greatly appreciate any help in this endeavor.  Please contact me
at jvaughan@selnetwork.com

Sincerely yours,

Joanne Vaughan
Sports, Entertainment & Learning Network
3033 Beta Avenue
Burnaby, BC  V5G 4M9
Tel: 604.293.7770
Fax: 604.293.7785
Web Site: www.selnetwork.com

From: Lisa Ornstein [ornstein@maine.edu]
Dated: Mon 5/14/01 4:17 PM
Subj: Your 30 April 2001 query

Dear Mr. Theriault:
    Greetings from Fort Kent. In response to your query concerning research into Acadian traditional foods, the best published work I know of has been by ethnographer Marielle Cormier Boudreau:

      La cuisine traditionnelle en Acadie : historique des traditions et coutumes culinaires chez
    les Acadiens du Nouveau-Brunswick, de la Nouvelle-Écosse, de l'Île-du-Prince-Édouard
   et des Îles-de-la-Madeleine.  Moncton : Éditions d'Acadie, 1978, 1987. This work is available in English translation as:  A Taste of Acadie. Fredericton, N.B.: Goose Lane, 1991.

     I am doing some research on the provenance of the "plogue/ploye." I have enlisted the help of linguists at Laval Univeristy's "Trésor de la langue française" research division, and have also asked for help from the Archives de la Côte-du-Sud in Ste-Anne-de-la-Pocatière. The term "plug" is identified in the Glossaire du parler français au Canada as a "galette à  la farine de sarrazin" (buckwheat pancake); I rather suspect that the term itself was brought to the St. John Valley from Quebec, but am reserving judgement pending news from Laval University.

The French love their crepes and pancakes, and it is probable that buckwheat cakes were eaten both in pre-Deportation Acadie and Quebec. However, the strain of buckwheat that is commonly used in this region is quite different from that commonly cultivated for domestic consumption in Quebec. I've put in a call to our Cooperative Extension Service to see what I can find out on that score.

Voila pour le moment. I'll send you more information as soon as I receive it.

Lisa Ornstein, Director
Acadian Archives/Archives acadiennes
University of Maine at Fort Kent
25 Pleasant St.
Fort Kent, ME
USA 04743
Tel.: (207) 834-7536
Fax: (207) 834-7518

From: Ken Mason [kmason@lyndonvilleelectric.com]
Dated: Fri 5/11/01 5:31 PM
Subj:  Mason/Masson/Landry/Terriot

Good afternoon:

I visited your web site today looking for potential ties to a maternal
ancestor I'm trying to get more information about. My 4ggf Barnabe Masson
(b. 1705) in Neuville, Quebec, married Anne Landry (b. Abt 1750) in 1773 in
Louiseville, Quebec. She was the daughter of Joseph Landry and Anne (Comeau)
Raymond, son of  > Jean > Claude > Rene Landry, the elder of Port Royal.
Claude married Marguerite Therriau (Theriot) (Terriot) b. 1666 m. Abt 1683
and daughter of Claude Theriot and Marie Francoise Louise Gautrot. I noticed
you have a Claude 1637 listed on your web site and wonder if you can
determine whether or not Marguerite is related to him or perhaps another in
your line.

You certainly have an enjoyable web site to ponder through. I'm amazed at
the amount of work people like yourself put into some of these web sites.
Trouble I have is that when I get started looking through French-Canadian
and Acadian history, I loose track of time and find I'm not at places I
should be.

I see your from Maine. My ancestors crossed the border into Vermont Abt 1845
and the Masson changed to Mason. We have five direct line generations from
the Canadian side and  five generations now from this side of the border,
with me being the black sheep having been born in New Hampshire. I spend
quite a bit of time in Maine. My brother and I own land in Palmyra,
Pittsfield, St. Albans, Ripley and Cambridge. We've hunted Maine for 20 +/-
years and we have a nice lot on Great Moose Lake in Hartland/St. Albans and
plan to build a log home there when I can retire and spent more time there.

Again nice web site and look forward to any information you may be able to

Thank you.

Ken Mason
Lyndon, Vermont

From: Marcie Reed [marcie@stpaulswaco.org]
Dated: Thu 5/10/01 9:46 AM
Subj:  Missing You.

Hi Mom Meaux,

I just got through reading the website.  It's really terrific and very well written.  I think it's great that you have written about that.  It will be a treasure for lifetimes.  You are a really terrific writer. I hope you are doing well. We are all healthy and happy and no complaints.  Kathryn is growing so fast, she will be 19 months old on May 20.  She will turn two on October 20. Mom tells me everyday how much she looks like I did when I was her age. I'm thinking about driving down there Memorial Weekend with Kathryn to visit everone, but it's not definite yet. I'm working on it. I don't know if mom will go or not, just Kathryn and I, but I'll let you know for sure when I know.

I just wanted to say hi and tell you I missed you and tell you how great I think your stories are.  Take care.

With Love Always,


From: Frances LaChance [frances.lachance@sympatico.ca]
Dated: Sun 4/29/01 6:45 PM
Subj:  Absolutely outstanding!!

Hi Joe;

I have visited your site as a result of seeing your posting on
Quebec Research list. You site is awesome and I am at a loss for

I am descended from Jehan and Perrine four different ways (early

Claude, Germain, Marie (Paul Melencon)
Bonaventure, Marguerite (Rene Granger)
Jeanne; Marie & Anne Thidodeau
Catherine, Jeanne Guillebaut

I am interested in all things Acadian so will visit your site
many, many times in the future, as I also am descended through
many other Acadian lines. The one which runs the longest is
Dupuis, which is on both my father's paternal and maternal lines.
Bourgeois, Leblance, Landry, Trahan, Leprince, Thibodeau, Boudrot,
etc, etc, etc.

I am attempting to compile a complete descendancy (male and
female) of my paternal 7th g-grandparents, Toussaint Hunault dit
Deschamps and Marie Lorguiel and have not nearly completed my

If there is anything on my lines that you would like, please let
me know. I am more than willing to share.

Happy hunting,

Fran (Deschamps) LaChance
Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

From: Gillespie's Engine Sevice, Inc. [gesi@ih2000.net]
Dated: Fri 4/27/01 2:04 PM




From: Carolyn Maute [mautec@telli.trident.tec.sc.us]
Dated: Tue 4/3/01 7:20 PM

I really enjoyed reading your articles.  They brought me back to times long
ago when I lived in Kaplan.  My grandmother lived at 208 North Hebert
Avenue.  I remember seeing Dr. Abshire when I was sick.  My mother was a
nurse and worked at the hospital in Kaplan.  My mother's maiden name was
Elise Theriot.  She married Chesley Marion Johnson who was from Oklahoma.
He worked for Dudley J. LeBlanc and drove a truck delivering Hadacol.  We
ended up leaving Louisiana because my father could not speak or understand
french.  He felt left out.  At that time, most everyone only spoke french.

I do not remember MizMo, but my grandfather is Joseph Theclet Theriot.  Are
we related??  Have I ever met you?  My birthname is Carolyn Faye Johnson,
and I attended school in Kaplan.  My email address is

From: mizmo [mizmo@cox-internet.com]
Dated: Thu 4/12/01 8:47 AM
Subj:  Your web site  WOW

'Tis a bit muggy this morning, but I know it's going to be a great day.  I will get my "wheels" outside and try to take a little stroll this morning.  I must do my best to be fit for that trip to Nova Scotia later this year.  Don't want to have to be shoved around in a wheel chair, you know.  LOL LOL

Tomorrow is Good Friday.  Except for the families of David and Danny, I expect my bunch to spend the day at my house.  We will have an Easter egg hunt for the wee ones.  Everyone is bringing covered dishes.(MawMaw doesn't cook big meals any more.)  So far, I understand there will be seafood sauce piquante, rice, Mexican cole slaw and some dream pies.  Will have to wait until tomorrow and see what further develops.

Some time ago my 17" Pixie monitor gave up the ghost.  I think it was probably after a thunderstorm that I noticed the picture was all distorted, but I did have the computer turned off, so I don't know for sure.  Anyway, yesterday I found my receipt (with "security policy"), contacted the manufacturer, and have instructions for shipping it back for either repair or replacement.  I'm happy about that.  I bought it in October of '99, it had a 3 year warranty on it.  I have the box it came in, but now I have to find someone to pack it for me and take it to our local UPS pick up station.
Just talking - waiting for my coffee to perk, and for the grandchildren to come in to wait for the school bus.
Wishing Happy Easter to all of the people I care about.


From: cyrille [cyrille@klis.com]
Dated: Sun 4/8/01 5:04 AM
Subj:  Your web site  WOW

Bonjour les Thériault,

I opened your e-mail this morning. I have been visiting your site ever since, for the past hour. Usually on Sunday morning I read newspapers on the web. Not this morning.

I think your web site is just great.

Cyrille LeBlanc
Wedgeport NS

From: Larry/Janet [larrya@ehmail.com]
Dated: Tue 4/3/01 6:33 PM
Subj:  Barque Louis Theriault

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the quick reply!

The term 'Tern Schooner' is correct but I am not familiar with that type of boat either.  A schooner is a sailing vessel that has 2 masts usually with the foremast shorter than the aft mast.  A barque has 3 masts.  The vessel would not be a barge but a full sailing vessel that would have carried her cargo below decks.  Unfortunately I do not have a photo to send you as I am hoping that when I track down further info, I will be lucky enough to get a photo.

Thanks again for the reply and I look forward to hearing back from you. You have a great site; did you do the site yourself?

Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia

From: Larry/Janet [larrya@ehmail.com]
Dated: Mon 4/2/01 6:36 PM
Subj:  Barque Louis Theriault

I am wondering if you have any knowledge of the Barque "Louis Theriault".  I believe she was constructed in Nova Scotia as a 'tern schooner'.  The rigging was later altered to a barquentine and later a barque.  She was used as a log carrier from Fiji to Australia from about 1910.  The boat eventually ended it's days in Australia (registry ended in 1926).  In the early 1930s, she was tied up in Sydney, Australia, possibly because she no longer conformed to regulations.

I would be interested in any info you could provide, particularly how and why she came to Australia.  I am helping a friend whose family owned her when she was a log carrier out of Brisbane who is researching her family.

Larry Anderson
Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia

From: Teresa Theriault [jaytee440@juno.com]
Dated: Fri 3/30/01 12:50 AM
Subj:  Hello from San Diego, CA


     My name is Jason Theriault son of Nelson and Lucille Theriault of Frenchville, Maine.  My Father is the son of Felix and Gabrielle Theriault also of Upper Frenchville, Maine.  I know it's such a small town that you must know my father.  My wife Teresa was surfing the internet when she stumbled upon your web site. Very nice job!  The last time I saw any Theriault family history was during the Acadian Festival a few years back when the Theriault family was honored.  We find it very interesting to learn the history behind our name.
     As for our history, I left Northern Maine in 1991 after graduating from Wisdom High School to serve our country in the US Navy.  I served 8 years and am now working for Sikorsky Aircraft of San Diego, CA.  I met my beautiful wife Teresa Theriault (Rainer) of Longmont, CO in 1997.  She was also serving in the US Navy.  We married on September 1999 in Laughlin, Nevada.  Soon we will be adding another member to the Theriault name when we have our first born.  We are also planning a trip to Northern Maine in September to visit the family.
     We are very excited to explore your web site further.  If you are interested we can also send photos you can add to your database.

Great Job!!

Jason and Teresa Theriault

NOTE:  Jason is a 10th great-grandson of Jehan and Perrine Terriot. A member of the Joseph and Théogénie Thériaut Great-Branch, he is a 2nd great-grandson of Joseph, and most important, the son of one of my dearest first cousins,Nelson Theriault. Welcome home, Jason.

From: Clara Thériault [ctheriault2@videotron.ca]
Dated: Fri 3/9/01 1:28 PM
Subj:  les Thériault du Nouveau-Brunsuick

Hello, I am a Theriault from New-Brunswick. Daughter of Damase and grand-daughter of Joseph and great-grand daughter of Honoré (Pierre, Michel).

Many of may uncles moved to the States during or after the war.

Personnally, I am French and proud Acadian, I have 5 brothers and 3 sisters.

I am sure that somewhere in the line we must be parents.

Nice to go on your site.  Saw the picture of you and your wife and you really look like a Theriault.

Clara Theriault

From: Sonny Theriot [etheriotjr@netzero.net]
Dated: Sun 3/4/01 10:09 PM
Subj:  Re: Theriot Genealogy

Hi, Joe
I heard of you from my brother, Roland, who was heavily involved in the 1999 reunion activities down here.
I do have a lot of the lineage information on the two pages I mentioned.  I'd be happy to enter them on a spreadsheet for you, or mail copies of the pages I have.  I noticed in the archives that my direct line only goes to Thomas, b.1743, the last one born in Acadia.
The Website is terrific.  Let me know how I can add info.
Regards, Eldridge

From: michael t coutu [hamaya@together.net]
Dated: Fri 2/23/01 8:40 PM
Subj:  Family

Greetings from Vermont. I thank you for the work you have done. I have
been attempting to carry all branches of my family back to Europe,and
the Terriotline was hanging. I descend from Elisabeth(1009) through her
son Charles Trahan. Thus Jean(17),Claude(6) and Jehan(1).  I was very
happy to be able to close that gap.  Again,thank you!

Mike Coutu
Newport, Vermont

From: msn mail [PatTerryJr@msn.com]
Dated: Mon 2/12/01 10:38 PM
Subj:  Can you help...

You have a beautiful website!  I just found it today, but I have been very interested in my family heritage since I was a teenager.  I spent hours at the Boston Public Library and New York Central Library's geneology department to research the Theriault name. My father, who passed away in 1997, was born in Van Buren, Maine in 1917, right across the river from Canada.  His name is Patrick Wilfred Theriault.  I am Patrick Wilfred Theriault, Jr.  We both grew up as musicians and entertainers playing the banjo. My dad had an great musical career, and we ended up playing on shows in the New England and New York area, as featured performers at Radio City Music Hall in New York, at Disneyland in California and at Walt Disney World in Florida together for over 10 years as their banjo duo.

I didn't see anything on the website about "Theriaults" in Van Buren, Maine.  But, I sure would like to know what our connection is.  I may visit Acadia this year and would like to make the best of what would be a short time to experience my family's heritage.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Patrick Theriault, Jr.

From: Denise Philippe [deniseph@globetrotter.net]
Dated: Sat 2/3/01 6:37 PM
Subj:  Cretons


Je veux vous féliciter pour votre magnifique site. Avec mon époux, nous avons visité l'Acadie l'été dernier, c'est avec beaucoup d'émotions que nous avons fait ce pélerinage.
Çà me fait plaisir de vous envoyer une recette de cretons que je tiens de ma mère, espérant que vous aurez autant de plaisir à la déguster que j'en ai moi même.

From: Queenymeaux2@aol.com [mailto:Queenymeaux2@aol.com]
Dated: Tuesday, February 13, 2001 8:08 PM

Subj: Re: Just thinkin' of you...

Hey, lil' Yankee cousin!  I just sent you a recipe by US mail - did you get
it yet?  Got a lot more you might like.  Will send if you wish, and you can
just pick the ones you like.  Hope it is okay to add notes as I go along.
That's my style.  Ha!

That was a Meaux reunion, cher.  I was the only Theriot in the bunch.
Turned out beautifully.  My daughter Anna and I got the book together, making
a copy for each of the seven branches.  We added a section of MEAUX MEMORIES,
and several family members offered stories about things they remembered from
their childhood.  Some were hilarious! Another daughter (Laurie) put up a
beautiful display called IN MEMORIUM, featuring pictures and short life
stories about deceased family members.  All of this can be added to over the
years, to keep things up to snuff.

Our branch furnished the meats for a huge barbecue, others brought covered
dishes.  One brother in law made a German chocolate cake and decorated it
with a "family tree" - just as pretty as it tasted.
One daughter (my oldest, Cissi) found the recipe that her grandpa Meaux used
in his meat market, and made a big batch, packaged it and gave it as door
prizes!  One daughter, Louise, crocheted a beautiful afghan for another door
prize.  Everyone contributed something, mostly hand crafted or home made.

We had about 175 guests.  Next year, it will be the turn of the family of my
oldest sister-in-law.  They have already asked if we will "help" - and of course, we will.

When asked why they had worked so hard and so long on this project, all my
children had to say was "We did it for our Dad!"  I was so very proud of them.

I'm feeling pretty much okay, but things will be better when the weather
warms up.  My old joints don't like this wet, cold stuff we have been having.
 Today was nice, but heavy rain is predicted for Friday - and I can already
feel it!!

More on the life story when I get started on it.

P. S.  I have learned how to send attachments!  Miracle of miracles!


From: Kathleen Emerson [kathleenemerson@compuplus.net]
Dated: Wed 1/31/01 2:05 AM
Subj: Theriault in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

I've just been looking at your very impressive Theriault Web
Site.  What a beautiful job you've done, and what a very
interesting history.

I'm researching four Sullivan/O'Sullivan sisters who
lived in Houghton County, MI and around 1880-1890 3
marred men who I believe were French Canadian.
These girls were Nora Theriault, Tillie LaPage, Kate Dube,
and Nora Smith.

Can you keep my information on file?  I would very much
like to contact descendants of these lines, if you ever
hear from any of them.

Kathleen Emerson  kathleenemerson@compuplus.net 

Dated: Sat 1/27/01 7:49 PM
Subj:  Delegate-researcher

Mr. Theriault:

I noticed that Ms. Aline Theriot Meaux is listed as a contributor---delegate, researcher.
I met Ms. Meaux (Mizmo, as she is affectionately known) at our Theriot/Crochet reunion in 1999.  She is quite a lady.

How can I be listed as a contributor to your website.  I would be happy to contribute what genealogy I have of my family.  I hope to make it to Canada in 2004 for the next Congres.

Looking forward from hearing from you.


Roland Theriot

From: NADINE BOUDREAUX [rnboudro@eatel.net]
Dated: Fri 1/26/01 12:12 AM







From: Linda Dube [Linda@nci1.net]
Dated: Fri 1/19/01 10:31 AM
Subj:  Dube Genealogy Book Available

Hello Mr. Theriault,
I hope you had the good fortune of purchasing the "Theriault Genealogy Books" that I and my committee had put together.  At least it was a good base for the Theriault families to start their reseach in their respective families.  I have also published the "Dube" with its various spellings.  It was a two volume set but volume II has sold out.  Available is volume I which has the first to the 8th generations and is made similarly like the Theriaults.  I tremendously enjoy all your Theriault sites.  What a marvelous place to visit.

If you are ever in the St. John Valley, I'd love to meet your aquaintance.  I need to learn about creating a website.  Any info you can supply is greatly appreciated.  Thanks and talk to you later,

Linda Dube

From: Charline Saulnier [charline@ustanne.ednet.ns.ca]
Dated: Wed 1/17/01 8:05 AM
Subj:Bonjour, Happy New Year!

Bonjour Joseph,

Happy New Year!

It’s been awhile. Things were kind of busy during December with the holidays and everything else. Now it’s another brand new year and time to get back to work. The Association des Thériault still looking for members, and still digging up email addresses to send information to people. Memberships are selling slowly.

We’ve had a couple of meetings with our Municipality and another is scheduled for January 31. Different families are getting together to talk about 2004. Alot of people still think it is early but time goes by fast and before we know it, the World Acadian Congress will be here. I remember when people were nervous and scared because the year 2000 was right around the corner. Disasters were supposed to happen. Well, the year 2000 has come and gone and we are still here.

Today I had a chance to visit the Theriault Acadian Family website. Family.Theriault.com, WOW! It is really changed, interesting and very impressive.  CONGRATULATIONS! You have done a super job. I started going through the letters, notes and e-mail. I still have other sections to read but definitely will be reading them before the week-end.

Well Mother Nature found us on Christmas day and has not left yet. We are use to having a few centimeters of snow and then within a day or so it is gone and the next snow fall can be weeks away, well this year it started Christmas morning and I think we have had snow fall just about every day since. As a matter of fact it is snowing right now. I think it is pretty but the roads are not always clear.

I will be sending you my lineage soon, I have to go over it and update it. It is also written in french.

Well I wanted to touch base, didn’t want you to think that we had disappeared.

To you and your family have a wonderful year!

Until next time, keep in touch.

Charline (Thériault) Saulnier

From: Norma Bradford [normab@home.com]
Dated: Sat 1/13/01 10:34 PM
Subj: Plogues?

Interesting that you mention plogues.  It brings back memories...isn't that like
a pancake?  I grew up in Petit Rocher, NB (sur la Baie de Chaleurs) and I
remember plogues.  I'll check your site again in the future for recipes.  Thank

From: Leon Gary, Jr. [leongary@concentric.net]
Dated: Sun 1/14/01 7:51 PM
Subj: Catching up.

Hi - I've enjoyed the updates and wanted to thank you again for your devotion to the family.  I noted that my line (sent to you via e-mail some months ago) stops with my great-great grandfather (474) Michel Eloi Theriot and doesn't include his son (Alphonse Augustave), grandson (Ernest Robert) or great-grandaughter (Ada Lolita - my mother) all of whom are deceased.

I got a good laugh from the new recipe section and concluded that you plan to start an intra-family war over whose gumbo is the best in South Louisana.  Since you won't be able to tell from reading a recipe why don't you and your wife take a trip down here and judge for yourselves and maybe referee what you have started.  I'll even take you "down the bayou" to Theriot, Louisiana and lower Bayou Dularge.

Best regards,


From: Norma Bradford [normab@home.com]
Dated: Sat 1/13/01 1:08 PM
Subj: Excellent!

Wonderful web site!!  I especially liked the Acadian songs, all songs I
learned as a child growing up in Acadie (I now live in Denver, CO).  My
family name is Cormier, also originating from La Rochelle.

From: Raybour@aol.com
Dated: Thu 1/4/01 9:31 PM
Subj: thanks
Dear Joe
I'm an Oblate priest, missionary in Japan for the last 39 years.  When I come
home on vacation I usually go see Bob Chenard to get info about my family
Bob had inquired into the Terriot family through you and your answer came to
him which he relayed to me.  I had the info that Paul Terriot was Claude
Terriot's son but the Drouin book had Germain as the father and Anne
Chevalier as the mother so I was wondering which was which.  With your info I
now realize that my first info was the correct one and that Drouin was wrong.
 Bob also corrected his book.
I write to say thank you to you for the quick reply.  I'll be forever
grateful to you.  I leave for Japan next week.
Again thanks.
Ray Bourgoin OMI

From: Yolande Thériault [ythe@sympatico.ca]
Dated: Tue 12/26/00 10:25 PM

Aux nombreux cousins Thériault /To the many Thériault cousins,

Que l'année 2001 vous apporte le bonheur, la paix et la
santé. Je suis très fière de faire partie de notre grande
famille Thériault. Religieuse de la Congrégation de
Notre-Dame, je prie pour vous tous. /May the year 2001 bring you joy,
peace and good health. I am very proud to be part of our
great Thériault family. As a Sister of the Congregation of Notre-Dame,
I will pray for all of you.

Merci aux artisans de ce magnifique site. / Many thanks to the authors of this
magnificient site..

 Yolande Thériault, C.N.D.
NOTE:  Soeur Yolande, our Delegate from the Province of Québec for the Joseph/Gaudélie Thériault Great-Branch, is a member of the 11th generation of Theriault's, a grand-daughter of Joseph and Gaudélie and an 8th great-grand-daughter of Jehan Terriot...

From:  Chuck Emond [chuck-emond@home.com]
Dated: Mon 12/25/00 10:43 AM

Subj: Voeux Spécials pour Noël 2000
C'est avec beaucoup de plaisirs et privilège que je veux souhaiter à la grande Famille des Thériault un Joyeux Noël et une très Bonne Année 2001 de la part de la famille des Émond d’Ottawa, Canada./It's with great pleasure and privilege that on behalf of the Émond family of Ottawa, Canada,  I wish the greater Theriault Family a joyous Christmas and a very Happy New Year 2001.

On a lighter note…
Go! Sens Go!…
(What`s happening to the Canadiens??? Uncle Ino, Claude & Dan)

Joyeux Noel / Merry X-mas

Charles, Cindy, Mathieu, Émilie & Vincent Émond  (Réjeanne, Denis, Joachim, Joseph)
NOTE:  Charles is the son of Réjeanne Theriault Levesque who is a great-grand daughter of Joseph and Théogénie, and a 9th great-grand daughter of Jehan Terriot.

From: Adrien Theriault [atheriau@nbnet.nb.ca]
Dated: Sat 12/23/00 9:03 AM
Subj: Joyeuses fêtes...


Mon nom est Adrien Thériault et je me suis join à la grand famille des
Thériault cette été. Je suis l'arrière petit-fils de Charles Thériault et de
Méthaide Devost. Je demeure présentement à Bathurst qui est situé dans la
belle région de la Baie des Chaleurs dans le nord-est du Nouveau-Brunswick.
/My name is Adrien Thériault and I joined the great branches of the
Theriault family this summer. I am the great-grandson of Charles and Méthaide
and living in Bathurst NB which is in the beautiful Bay of Chaleur, part
of north-east New-Brunswick.

J'aimerais prendre l'occasion de vous souhaiter un joyeux Noël est une
joyeuse année 2001. Peut-être que j'aurais la chance de vous voir au
prochain congrès mondiale Acadien de 2004 en Nouvelle-Ecosse.
/I want to take this opportunity to wish all of you a Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year and hoping to see you all at the next WORLD ACADIAN

God bless you,
NOTE:  Adrien, our Delegate from New Brunswick for the Charles/Méthaïde Thériault Great-Branch, is a member of the 13th generation of Theriault's, a great-grand-son of Charles and Méthaïde and a 10th great-grand-son of Jehan Terriot...

From:  Marsha Collins Vaughn [marshacv@jps.net]
Dated: Thu 12/21/00 2:02 PM

Subj: Family Bulletin Board

Happy Holidays to All!

What a great year it has been.  One of the highlights was of course finding the
Theriault family website produced by Joe. I really enjoy reading notes on the
website from distant relations.  The notes from people in Caraquet are
especially fun as they revitalize my memories of my Grandfather George, who was
born there abouts.
Like Denise Bohlen, I'm in California, but north of San Francisco.  We have had
some rain, some frost, and cooler temperatures but snow in this area is a
rarity. Christmas begins officially for me after my birthday on the 16th, but
this year has been a little strange with College finals thrown in. The holidays
are always a busy time of getting together with family and friends.  We
gathered to celebrate with my husband's family last weekend, December 17, in
Groveland located in the mountains outside of Yosemite. This weekend is another
gathering with my brother Randy's wife and her many relatives. Christmas day is
fast approaching and I still haven't sent out my holiday cards but most of the
shopping is done.
2001 is just around the corner and it already is beginning to fill-up with
memorable occasions.  I (at 47) am finally going to finish that BA in art that
has been put on hold for many years. I'm transferring from our local Community
College and start classes at UC Davis January 4th.   Melissa (my youngest, 21)
will graduate from UC Santa Cruz in March (hopefully), June (for sure).
 Jennifer (my oldest, 24) is finishing up her Masters degree in
Civil/Environmental Engineering. She plans on being done with her Thesis by
June. She is also engaged to be married July 28, 2001. My husband, Mike and I
celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary (and they said it wouldn't last) in
As the year draws to an end, we are counting our blessings, for family,
friends, and health. I feel very fortunate that both of my parents are still
living, Mom, Lamora Maxine (Theriault) Collins, a.k.a. Mickey, celebrated her
75th birthday on November 25th.

Wishing all of you a joyous holiday and a wonderful New Year.

Marsha Collins-Vaughn
NOTE: Marsha is our Delegate from California for the George and Florance Theriault Great-Branch. She is a daughter of Lamora Maxine Theriault who is a 7th great-grand-daughter of Jehan Terriot.

From: Barry Taylor [bntaylor@home.com]
Dated: Fri 12/15/00 12:54 AM
Subj: Re: Merry Christmas, Barry

Thanks, Joe!

And I, too, am grateful for all the new friends I've found thanks to your

I hope to re-energize in the new year to produce some more Acadian tunes for
you. They seem to be well received and generate more positive feedback than
any other tunes on my Canadian tunebook website.

In the meantime I can think of no better way to express my best wishes in
this very special season than with music, so here's a little aural and
visual imagery to capture your imagination...

From: Melvyn Theriault [melyoly@earthlink.net]
Dated: Thu 12/14/00 3:35 PM
Subj: Theriault's abroad

Dear Joseph: My name is Melvyn Joseph Theriault and I live in Palmdale,
California.  My son, Robert Theriault lives in Thailand, and his
daughter,  Nichole Theriault, also from Thailand, is a the number one
singer in that country.  Your web site is fabulous.  I was introduced to
it by a Raymond Theriault who is a graphic artist in Moncton, New
Brunswick.  My father, Rosaire Theriault, originated from Batturst, New
Brunswick and married my mother, Yvonne Leger, also from that area,
before going to Montreal, Canada. In 1923-1926 they went to
Schenectaday, New York, where I was born.  I went overseas with the
Royal 22nd Regiment and when I returned in 1946, I claimed my U.S.
citizenship.  Eventually, I chose California because of the warm
weather.  Please excuse my english. After so many years in an English
environment I have lost the casual use of my native language. Thanks for
the great work.  Sincerely,    Mel Theriault

From: Cece0120@aol.com
Dated: Wed 12/13/00 12:36 AM
Subj: Family Bulletin Board

I like to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year!  Wish
everyone good health and a great year in 2001.

NOTE:  Cecelia Jean is our Delegate from Michigan for the Marie Theriault and Joseph Jean Great-Branch. She is a 2nd great-grand-daughter of Marie Theriault, who is a 5th great-grand-daughter of Jehan Terriot.

From: junebug580 [junebug580@email.msn.com]
Dated: 12/14/00 8:06 AM
Subj: Fidele Theriault

Hi Joe, Thanks for the quick reply! Actualy, I don't know which parts of the book I need. My mother is the genealogist in the family, and I am interested in purchasing the book to give it to her. She is researching my father's family (Maillet/Mallett) and also her family (Arseneault). Thanks for the offer of copying pages anyway. Hopefully, we will hear from your friend Leo.  Thanks again, and stay out of the snow this morning!    June

From: junebug580 [junebug580@email.msn.com]
Dated: Thu 12/14/00 12:05 AM
Subj: Fidele Theriault

would like to purchase Fidele Theriault's book. Do you know of a way to get in touch with him? Any help is much appreciated. thanks!   June Mallett  Boston, Ma.

From: Jan Strand [janice.strand@ntlworld.com]
Dated: Tue 12/12/00 11:03 AM

Hi Joseph,
I found your Theriault Family website today and I just wanted to say thanks
for organising such an interesting and informative site. Cyndi's List
notified me recently about your website.

My maiden name is Cyr, and I have a Benjamin Theriault in my genealogy. He
isn't a direct ancestor, but he married Marie Rose Cyr, daughter of Francois
Cyr and Anne Marie Guillebeault. I'm descended from one Marie Rose's
brothers, Joseph Edouard.

I would like to receive notifications of updates to your site please, which
I've also bookmarked.

Thanks once again and Happy Holidays,
Janice Cyr Strand

From: Denisebohlen@aol.com
Dated: Tue 12/12/00 10:55 PM
Subj: Family Bulletin Board

Happy Holidays to All:

Just wanted to wish everyone the very Happiest of Holidays from sunny
California.  We are all doing well, we have settled right in to the
California life style, and after our first year here, we can actually say
that we truly love it. To our amazement, the weather remains beautiful even
at the end of December - 60ish to be exact.  Honest, none of us are really
missing the snow, although I must admit it will be weird to not have a White
Christmas.  We will miss many of you over this Christmas Season, and wanted
to let you all know that we will be thinking of you and your families.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year and God Bless ~

As Always
Denise, Al, Mollie and Chandler Bohlen
NOTE:  Denise is the daughter of Betty Theriault Ouellette who is a great-grand daughter of Joseph and Théogénie, and a 9th great-grand daughter of Jehan Terriot.

From: Charline Saulnier [charline@ustanne.ednet.ns.ca]
Dated: Mon 12/11/00 3:26 PM
Subj: Family Bulletin Board

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Joyeux Noël et bonne année!

to all the Thériaults out there from the Association des Thériault Association de la Baie Sainte-Marie, Digby County, Nova Scotia CANADA. Come visit us in 2004!

Charline (Thériault) Saulnier
NOTE: While Charline is obviously a member of the Thériault family in Nova Scotia, she is busy at the moment preparing for the World Acadian Congress/Congrès Mondiale Acadien 2004 as Secretary to the Thériault Association of St-Mary's Bay. We look forward to the day when we can add her Great-Branch to the family Archive.

From: Ben [benzdin@jamrent.com]
Dated: Mon 12/11/00 12:32 PM
Subj: Family Bulletin Board

Greetings and Happy Holidays to all from the Milwaukee based, Wisconsin Theriaults who descend from Great Branch George. Our vast and worldwide Theriault family has close to 300 variations of the spelling of the surname, with half of those represented by people in the main blood line descending from Jehan and Perrine. Those spellings, along with online or others examples of their usage, can be seen at: http://www8.50megs.com/benzden/t/ter3070.htm In addition to the fact that we have one of the largest known family trees in the world, there are many interesting tidbits of information regarding them.

A cumulative listing of those items of interest is abuilding and can be seen at: http://www8.50megs.com/benzden/t/tnotable.htm Anyone having more items, and even pictures, to add to that page can email me with them at: benzden@jamrent.com or benzdin@juno.com I'm in the process of building the complete family tree on my computer. It presently has 15 generations from Jehan and Perrine to my great nieces and nephews. The firstborn of the 16 generation will probably arrive before 2010.

My aim is to have the computer and family tree at the 2004 reunion in Canada and be able to furnish anyone with their personal lineage within a minute. I'm very proud to be a member of this great extended family and look forward to meeting all my 3rd through even 11th cousins at the reunion.

Ruben James (Theriault) Ciriacks, aka Ben and BenzDen Webmaster of www.jamrent.com
NOTE:  Ben is the son of Edna Theriault who is a 9th great-granddaughter of Jehan Terriot. Ben is our Delegate from Wisconsin for the George and Angele Theriault Great-Branch.

From: Jean-Christian Theriault [jctheriault@hotmail.com]
Dated: Mon 12/11/00 1:58 PM
Subj: Family Bulletin Board

Hi folks,

Joseph is writing about his first winter days. I just wanted to tell you
that, up here in Montreal, we past few days with 25 degrees below 0 and
hopping 25 inches of snow for to day !

But this is the way we like it! Just wonderful.

Anyway! I just want to wish you happy Christmas and happy New Year to you
and your family.

Jean-Christian Thériault
NOTE:  Jean-Christian, our Delegate from the Province of Québec for the Michel and Marie Theriault Great-Branch, is a member of the 13th generation of Theriault's, a 2nd great-grand-son of Michel and Marie and a 10th great-grand-son of Jehan Terriot...

From: Joe Theriault [Joseph.Ralph@Theriault.com]
Dated: Sunday, December 10, 2000
Subj: A Christmas Greeting...

Hi Folks,

Just a short note to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

Mother Nature sprinkled a one or two inch cover of sparkling snow... the first of the season. It is also a little crisp, we awoke this morning to a 'nip' in the air... it was 12 degrees. But the skies were blue and clear, the sun was bright and white smoke was coming out of everyone's chimneys. As we walked out this Sunday morning onto that new snow, our footsteps produced that delightful "crunch - crunch" sound...

Rosemary and I took out our Christmas decorations from the attic once again and have begun getting our home ready for the holidays. We're ready for Christmas.

We wish each of you and your families a joyous, peaceful Christmas and great blessings into the New Year.

Joe and Rosemary Theriault
for the Joseph and Theogenie Theriault Great-Branch...
NOTE:  Joe, our Delegate from Massachusetts for the Joseph and Théogénie Great-Branch, is a member of the 12th generation of Theriault's and a 9th great-grand-son of Jehan Terriot...

From: adavid [adavid@bigsky.net]
Dated: Thu 12/7/00 5:19 PM
Subj:  Re: The Theriot / Theriault family crest

Please notify when any changes or additions occur.
Just logged on and I think I may have found a "gold mine"


From: LaCajuninVa@aol.com
Dated: Tue 12/5/00 11:02 AM
Subj:  Re: The Theriot / Theriault family crest


The cross croslet is the original form of the cross adopted by the
Prieur'e of Sion (which included the Knights of the Temple of Solomon) in
about 1117  - 1118. This was a white cross with black background. In 1188 at
the "cutting of the Elm" the Knights Templer and the Preiur'e split. The
Preiur'e remained and administrative arm of the Knights  Templar while the
Knights Templar became the backbone of the Crusades. At that point a red 8
pointed cross ( similar to the matese Cross) was adopted by the Knights
templar, while the original white cross was kept by the Preiur'e.  I will try
and scan a pic of both crosses for you  if they scan well enough.

The book  Holy Blood, Holy Grail  by Micheal Baiget, Richard Leigh, and Henry Lincoln.
Also, the book The Sword and the
Grail  by Andrew Sinclair has the pics  of the two crosses.
Therefore appear that the white cross crosslet dates from the earliest
period of the Preiur'e / Knights Templar ( 1117 - 1188)
I have some of my line in Family Origins. As soon as I am done putting
it all in, I will send u a copy.
I would love to know  which two Theriot's had their crests registered,
but, I know we may never know that.
Let me know if u need any more info...

Thanks for ur help...

Laurie Theriot

From: Jacques et Nadine [Shamu@nb.sympatico.ca]
Dated: Wed 11/1/00 3:35 PM
Subj:  Hi, M Thériault

My name is Nadine Thériault Lagacé and my mother just told me that you were born on febuary 17 and you have three sisters and one brother.   She even told me that you have two daughters, Nicola Ann and Jill Andrea.....  Not too bad....
Even from northern New Brunswick there are people who care and cherish the Thériault's.
We love you, Thériault's from USA
Nadine et Mother Thériault

From: frank shaw [fshaw@sprint.ca]
Dated: Tue 10/31/00 2:33 AM
Subj:  Bon Jour

Dear Joseph,

I am writing to let you know how much I have enjoyed navigating, exploring and learning from your website. I am a Theriault also and would love to supply you with enough information so that I too, could one day find myself in your archive.  My genealogy, like yours, begins with Jehan and Perrine.

As I followed the generations through your archive I found that, sadly, the link for my ancestor Hilairion Charles (your nos. 241, [2630], does not continue. Possibly you already have more information on this man and have just not had the time to enter it. If not, I can give you some information about him, beginning with his marriage to Marie Madeleine Belliveau in abt. 1763 and their subsequent 11 children. I can then follow through the years and generations, eventually leading you to myself, my children and grandchildren. Please let me know if you are interested in continuing this line of the Theriault family.

In any case I have to say WOW, what a huge undertaking and what a beautiful piece of work. I am inspired to work harder at my efforts at information gathering and recording for my family.


Marie Shaw (nee Theriault)

aka Marie a' Nelson, a' Auguste, a' P'tit Bob, a' Anselme, a' Jos Charles, a' Hilairion

From: Charles Theriault [ctvw@home.com]
Dated: Sun 8/20/00 9:48 PM
Subj:  Charles Theriault


My name is Charles Theriault, I'm 25 years old from Toronto,
Ontario.   My father is Jean-eud Theriault of Edmundston N.B.  My gramps
is George Theriault borne in 1906 in Caraquet N.B. My Great-Gramps' name
is Joseph Theriault.

I must admit that I am impressed with the work you put into the web
page.  I like it very much. I would like to contribute to it.   I'd like to trace my lineage in
depth but first I will get more data from my Dad and some of his
Sisters/Brother. I'll give you the details of our family, my Dad, 6
sisters and 1 brother and all of their kids, etc... It's going to take a
little time, it's not a small family and I want to do a good job and
gather accurate information on my family and it's members.

I've never done anything like this and I ask from you for some
advice.  If you can also tell me what sort of information helps you in
registering Theriault family members let me know.

    I hope to hear from you soon.

P.S.  I've been to Italy too!  I recognized Trevi fountain right away! I
was there in Oct. of 95.

From: Theriault Jason R SSgt 88 CEG/CEFO [Jason.Theriault@wpafb.af.mil]
Dated: Thu 8/17/00 12:36 PM
Subj:  Theriault

I was very happy to find your page while doing a Family search,,, I have info at home ( I am at work right now ) but I did have one question, as you can probably see from my e-mail address I to am in the Air Force, I am a firefighter ( ONe of those ERIC needs to FLY safely )  and I was wondering after seeing Eric Theriault ( The F-15 pilot ) if you had his e-mail address, I would love to contact him sometime..
If you have another e-mail address for you I can use for my address book let me know, I will be in contact with you often.

Thanks a bunch

Jason R. Theriault
88th Civil Engineer Gr.
Fire Protection Flight

From: Raymond Theriault [raygraph@nbnet.nb.ca]
Dated: Mon 8/7/00 10:40 AM

Bonjour Joseph Ralph Theriault,

My name is Raymond Thériault, I'm a graphic designer living in Moncton, New Brunswick, although born in the village of Bertrand. near Caraquet, in Northeastern N.B.

I just discovered your site and I'm so impressed by the extent of your work. I particularily enjoyed the pictorial visit to Martaizé. Finally I got to see that place !

Also, your list of the first nine generations of Theriault gave me the opportunity to see in writing, for the first time in my life (at 43), the names of Theriaults born in the Grand Pré area before the Deportation, who died after the Deportation, in the Caraquet area, as well as in other areas of N.B., in the U.S., in England, and even in France. Quite touching.

I found on the Web a list of Acadians (of all ages) who died when their ship sank on its way to England. Those names gave me, for the fist time, the impression of being able to put faces on the victims of this genocide. Your web site gives me again the feeling of being closer to my ancestors.

I invite you to visit my own web site (address below). Once you choose the English side, you'll find a button titled "Who is Nicole Theriault?". Maybe you have seen it before, but just in case you haven't, you'll discover an incredible "Theriault's Success Story".

Hope you'll enjoy. Thanks for all your hard work.

Raymond Thériault
206 Archibald, Moncton (NB) E1C 5K1 Canada
tel: 506-382-6030  fax: 506-856-6032

From: dgtheria [dgtheria@is2.dal.ca]
Dated: Wed 8/2/00 3:44 PM
Subj:  Theriault

 My name is Denis Thériault and am a native of Bathurst, New Brunswick. Most of my family is from the Caraquet/Bertrand area in Northern New Brunswick. Your website is great! I'd love to hear from any individuals who may have questions pertaining to Theriaults in this area or know of any information I may be interested in. I am new to all this stuff and dont quite know where to begin.

Thanks for your time,

Denis G. Theriault
Dalhousie University
Rm. 5305, 5th Floor Psych. Dept.

From: GINO [j_f_theriault@hotmail.com]
Dated: Tue 8/1/00 10:05 PM
Subj:  Coats of arms


    My name is Jean Theriault.  My Grandfather, David, was from Caraquette, New Brunswick. He relocated here, to Sudbury Ontario when he was young, and my family has been here since.  I have a few questions about the coats of arms: 1)Why are there 2 of them?    2)What do each of them represent?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Keep in touch.

Thank you.

From: Joan Tobias [jtobias@lcii.net]
Dated: Mon 7/10/00 3:43 PM
Subj:  Checked out your site.

I have traced back my family to LaRochelle, France. It is wonderful to see all the pictures of my ancestors homeland. I will never get to visit there, but through your work, I feel I have. My ancestor, James Bowdoin left LaRochelle for England. He also settle later in Maine. The spelling of our name is different in some records, but in East Texas it remains BOWDOIN. If you know anyone in  LaRochelle that would corespond with me, please forward my name.

Joan Bowdoin Tobias
jtobias@lcii.net ,

From: Marc-André Godin [godin.mag@enter-net.com]
Dated: Sun 7/9/00 12:47 AM
Subj:  Généalogie


Je me nomme Marc-André Godin. Je suis à la recherche d'une branche de ma généalogie.

Je cherche Tarsile Terriau, fille de Victor Terriau. Cette dame a épousé Eloi Godin fils de Michel Godin le 1828/05/06 en l'église St-Pierre-aux-Liens Caraquet, N.-B. Godin s'écrivait Gaudin à cette époque.

Je n'ai pas trouvé Tarsile ni Victor dans votre descendance. Si vous avez quelque chose sur cette dame, il me ferait plaisir d'en savoir un peu plus.

Merci à l'avance,


P. S. Vous avez un très beau site

From: Dawn M. Torrence, President [cherubs@gloryroad.net]
Dated: Mon 7/3/00 5:44 AM
Subj:  Terriault Family

Hello Joseph,

My name is Dawn and my mom was a Terriault.  You e-mailed my grandfather last year (from what I can on the Gen-Forum board, he was john_p_terriault).  Grandpa passed away in February, we all miss him terribly.  As a tribute to his memory I would like to continue his genealogy work.  Would you by chance still have any information on names and dates that he sent you?  I can't find this information among his papers.  Any assistance you could be would be very much appreciated.

Dawn M. Torrence

From: Marsha Collins Vaughn [marshacv@jps.net]
Dated: Sat 6/24/00 8:11 PM
Subj:  RE: family

Hi,  Joe,

I have been enjoying reading all of the Theriault Family history on the two websites.  What a marvelous job you've done. It is really quite fascinating.  I told my Mom and Brother about it too.  My Mom has been visiting the sites and reading the different sections too.

I haven't heard back from you about Uncle Prosper or my Grandfather George, but as I told previously I wrote to the Social Security Administration and just received copies of their original applications.  The applications indicate that they both had the same Father, Xavier Theriault, and Mother, Rosalie Cormier.  The both indicate they were born in New Brunswick, Canada. Uncle Proper, recorded his city of birth as Burnsville, August 13 1872.  My Mom seems to remember my Grandfather being born or living in Wetapetlock(sp.?). He recorded his birth date as October 8, 1882.  Don't know if any of this will help you locate my Mom's branch of the Theriault tree but maybe it will help.

I appreciate any information you might find.

Thank you ever so much.

From: Michel Thériault [beauregard.theriault@sympatico.ca]
Dated: Fri 6/23/00 10:31 PM
Subj:  Genealogy

Hi, my name is Michel Theriault.You have a superb web site.I'm a descendent of Vital and I got your address by Gilles.I did a research about 22 years ago at the University of Moncton where I got lots of names but not much stories.Your web site gives me lots of information on the history of our ancestors.All the names that I got toldme that I was more than one time descendent of Jehan,it could me more than ten.I'm having trouble entering your new web site Theriault Acadian Family.Can you give me the complet address.How long do you keep the news in your gazette and how often do you change your pictures and stories in the family photos album.I will try to send you a picture of my grand mother Yvonne Dupéré wife of Guillaume(Vital,etc...).She could be Evelyne Frenette Theriault's twin sister just by looking at her picture.

Michel from Longueuil,Quebec

From: JBoney@cornell-iowa.edu
Dated: Mon 6/12/00 2:57 PM

Dear Mr. Theriault,

Oh, how I enjoyed your site!  I am a Louisianian working on Acadian history in preparation for a trip to Nova Scotia. I'm not Cajun but I do speak French and have a number of friends who are Theriots. I learned a great deal from your site.  I particularly enjoyed the seeing the photos from France and reading the Gazette article from 1632!

Sometimes historians forget about the lives of real people; sometimes genealogists forget to talk about history.  You have it just right.

Thanks so much for your labor of love and un très grand merci!

Jan Boney
Associate Professor of French
Cornell College, Iowa

From: Roland [rtheriot@prodigy.net]
Dated: Thu 6/8/00 6:12 PM
Subj:  Theriot/Theriault Genealogy

Mr. Joseph Ralph Theriault:


What a wonderful website you have.  Very interesting.  I learned of it from Miss Meaux (mizmo) of Abbeville, LA.

I would just like to offer the suggestion that you include a link to the Acadian Museum in St. Martinville, LA.  I think many of your website visitors might also enyoy this site: http://www.pwcweb.com/usapages/acadian/

Again, what a wonderful 'find' for those us who are genealogists, especially Theriot/Theriault families. I especially liked the part about France.

Au revoir.

Roland Theriot

From: Hugpatsmom@aol.com
Dated: Fri 6/2/00 4:53 AM

Joe, I was able to get in touch with my dearest friend, Loretta Theriot, loretta@camtel.net, and I forwarded your last letter describing the new additons to your Theriault website.  I insisted that she contact you and I hope she did.

Loretta has beautiful stories to tell about her line of the Theriot family and lives in a house visited by, I would assume, hundreds each year.  It is the house her ancestors moved on rafters on the Mermentau river to the Grand Cheniers in Cameron Parish in Louisiana.  She makes frequent trips to France to visit with her family there.  She also taught French in the public school system here in Louisiana and was one of the original people to put the French language back in the schools -- as an elective, but it is back and people are appreciating her for her efforts. She also attended school in Canada, where they were not allowed to speak English, to better improve their French.  This was just a few years ago.

I also sent you an invitation through MyFamily.com for you to visit my private website.  We are still working on it and do not have my "family line" submitted as yet.  That will come in time.  But.... I wanted you to get a flavor of the Thibodeauxs in Louisiana.  It is a fun site.  Certainly not as formal as many others, but I am really enjoying it and I hope you visit it.  There are photos of my Grandfather Thibodeaux and information I was able to find in a New Orleans newspaper about him and his wife published in 1934, the year I was born.  (Yes, Joe, it is an old old old article - at least that is what my grandson said.  So I guess that makes me old old old too). Pictures of my dad, DeLuke and my mom, Ida Broussard are there too.  I came from a family of ten children, so there are lots of photos uploaded and many more to come.

I write to you thinking I know you.  Websites are like that -- we make friends with people we have never heard of before and will probably never see.   The Internet has a way of doing that.  I hope you visit my site.

Marjorie (Pal) Thibodeaux Conner

From: Loretta Theriot [loretta@camtel.net]
Dated: Mon 5/24/94 12:52 PM
Subj:  Hello from a Theriot from Louisiana

My name is Loretta Theriot and a friend of mine sent your website address to me.
I am a fifth generation Theriot---originally spelled Theriault living here on a cheniere in Southwest Louisiana that my great grandfather Jean Velior Theriot a descendant from Nova Scotia settled in 1983.  I live in the original house that he built. My grandfather was from Port Royal and the house here was name Palm A Royal.
Anyway, I'm a writer and recently I decided to use the original spelling of my name Theriault like yours.  Like Yves Theriault in Cananda.
  Also, my cousin has done extensive work on the Theriot family tree.  If you're interested I can give you her e-mail address.
I speak French and was a French teacher for 27 years.
I would like to hear from you.  My e-mail address is   loretta@camtel.net
Loretta Theriot

From:  Yolande Thériault [ythe@sympatico.ca]
Dated: Thu 5/18/00 11:51 PM
Subj:  My genealogy

Bonsoir Monsieur Joseph-Ralph Theriault,

I hope that you will understand my English because I am French. I send to you the genealogy of my family. The most
informations comes from Mr. Bona LeBlanc, généalogiste, who is the father of the wife of one of my brothers, Michel

As you, we have Germain Thériault  and Anne-Marie Richard as ancesters etc. etc. You will see.

You are our cousin. Bravo! for your site Web! Bravo for the music part!

Good bye,

Yolande Thériault, C.N.D.

From:  KATheriot@aol.com
Dated: Mon 5/15/00 11:50 PM
Subj:  THERIOT branch

    My grandfather Joseph Elric (Fred J.) THERIOT (1882-1981) was a Louisiana 'Cajun, who descended in eight different and separate lines from old Jehan TERRIAU & his wife Perrine. In the direct surname line, he is the 9th generation. However, his mother was the 9th descendant in 4 more separate lines from that 1st couple, her mother the 9th in two more lines, and my
great-great grandfather Zephirin THERIOT (1813-1853) was #9 in another line. Only a GEDCOM could show it clearly.

    Do you have any of these Louisiana THERIOTs listed yet in your "Great" branches? Does the 9th descendant "great" have to have the surname THERIOT? In other words, do women count in your "great" plan? :)

    I could not completely download your page on GREAT BRANCHES at <http://family.theriault.com/branch.htm> because Internet Explorer could not open it all the way, due to "error 800c0007"! Is this fixable?

Karen Theriot Reader

From:  Don Theriot [DTheriot@forcenergy.net]
Dated: Mon 5/15/00 10:18 AM
Subj:  digging

Bon Jour mon cousan!
Greetings from a Louisiana cousin. I found your wonderful website and I'm very happy to now have info on the family in France.  I've been doing research for about 5 years and would be very happy to fill in anything you'd want to know about the Louisiana part of the family.  I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Gen13 - Donny Steven Theriot & Laura Lynn Melton
Gen 12 - Stephen Edmond Theriot, Sr. & Ismay Marie Cheramie
Gen 11 - Mederick Dominick Theriot & Richess Leonie Pitre
Gen 10 - Thomas Adam (Terrio) Theriot & Emma Terrebonne
Gen 9 - Lucien Clairville Theriot & Marie Sponya (Esponge)
Gen 8 - Charles Theriot & Anne Marie Therese Cunningham
Gen 7 - Jean Charles Theriot II & Dorcasse Schweitzer (Chouest)
Gen 6 - Jean Charles I & Marie Madeleine Landry
(Born In France, Came to Louisiana with brother Olivier 1785, Married In Louisiana, Died in Louisiana)
Gen 5 - Etienne Theriot & Helene Landry (w#1)
Sent to English colony of Virginia during "Derangement", refused disembarkation there, sent to Falmouth, England, sent to France after treaty on Utrecht signed.
Gen 4 - Jacques Theriot & Marie Anne (Marianne) LeBlanc (w#1)
Gen 3 - Germain Theriot & Anne Richard (Richart)
Gen 2 - Claude Terriau & Marie Francoise Goterot
Gen 1 - Jehan Terriau & Perrine Ruau

There are some great stories I'd like to share with you about how we wound uo here!

Fond Regards,

From:  MOXALF9@aol.com
Dated: Sun 5/14/00 9:58 PM
Subj:  theriot family tree

I would like any information on the following:

Etienne Theriot( b.01-01-1725) who married Helene Landry (b.1724) in 1747. Etienne's parents were Jacques Theriot & Rene Landry. Jacques was borned in 1691 at Grand Pre. I am a descendant of Etienne. I live in south Louisiana. Any information would be appreciated. My e-mail address is Moxalf9@aol.com

V. Theriot Ponvelle

From: Joeseph Theriault [jet@netquarters.net]
Dated: Mon 4/24/00 2:33 PM
Subj:  Title of Reel 2

I have been playing this song on my 2 row button box for some time and I know it as the Brandy de Richelieu. { reel #2} I learned it from a Gereald Cote who was originaly from Quebec and now resides in Michigan USA .His latest tape is titled Bending Tradition.It was from this tape that I first learned the song.

 My name is Joseph Edmond Theriault residing in Lisbon Falls Maine.My mother was also a Theriault so I am aTheriault on both sides of the family.

 My family came from Grande Anse New Brunswick.I am attempting to find my papers on the family history but I am quite certain that our familys althou perhaps related, are not closley so.

Best regards : Joe T

From:  NicCyr@aol.com
Dated: Sun 4/23/00 8:03 PM
Subj:  Theriault's

Hi Ralph,

I just got your address from Uncle Guy Michaud.  My maiden name is Nicole Ann Theiault daughter of Ino and Nancy Theriault of Lille, Maine.  I married in 1987 a Darrell Roger Cyr of Van Buren, Maine.  Therfore my name is Nicole
Theriault Cyr.

I am very excited about this and hoping to get a web link from you.  I am sure you know mom and dad.
Take Care and Happy Easter.


From:  cotprue@banet.net
Dated: Sun 4/16/00 7:01 PM
Subj:  Pierre Theriault

Hi cousin,

My name is Dennis Prue. I am descent of Pierre Theriault m. to Louise Genevieve Gauvin
throught their daugther Marie Angelique she married Charles Francois Proulx. their youngest son was Jean-Mathais Proulx who married in 1851 in Van Buren Maine to flavie Thibodeau. their son was Antoine Proulx m. to Georgienna Ayotte
in 1885 in Van Buren. liven in Caribou Me. their son John Prue m. Julia Cote in 1905 in Fort Fairfield Me Their son was my father Lewis Prue m. Lajuean McConnell.

I would like to know if anyone has found death dates for Pierre and his wife Louise Gauvin  and their youngest son Alexandre (he was a twin with Marie-Angelique married to Charles Francois Proulx)

my e-mail is cotprue@banet.net  Thanks in advanced


Ralph Sisco [RGSISCO@webtv.net]
Dated: Fri 4/7/00 3:02 PM
Subj:  Terryah family

Hello Joseph,
   My name is Barbara Terryah and I'm originally from Michigan. I've just started researching this side of my family and I believe I may be on to something very good thanks to your website! I was told by my grandfather, Thomas Inglis Terryah that our name at one time had no letter Y and did have AULT. He also said we were French Canadian. Have you seen this spelling and what do you think? I have a small amount of family info. at this time. I live in TN so I don't have access to the MI
libraries etc. How might I begin? I want to tell you that your website is fantastic! I will gratefully appreciate your response!

Barb Terryah
I have found a handfull of folks with this spelling here in the states.

From:  Mari Ellery [marielle@enoreo.on.ca]
Dated: Fri 1/4/80 7:02 PM
Subj:  Acadia and Grade 7 Canadian History

Hello there.

    My name is Mari Ellery and I am a grade 7 history teacher (first year teaching grade 7 history) who teaches just outside of Toronto, Ontario in a Board called York Region.

    I have just finished teaching my students about Life in New France and I am about to teach them about the English and French conflicts over in Europe and then back here in North America and Acadia.  I went to "Acadia" to search about the topic. I do have 3 different text books and other resources that do discuss the deportation of the Acadians. I am interested in the reaction that the Acadians had to the deportation. Do they blame one group over the other group? I see that you do have strong family ties and as a group I noticed that on TV last year, that your group had a reunion. The acadians appear to have become a strong group because of the deportation.

    Is there any feedback that I can find on your web site or anyone else that can tell me how the Acadians feel about what happened to them over 200 years ago?

   I will thank you in advance!!!


Mari Ellery

From:  Leon Gary, Jr. [leongary@concentric.net]
Dated: Sun 3/19/00 7:01 PM
Subj:  Your website

Hello Cousin --- and greetings from one of your relatives in Louisiana.  I am the son of Ada Theriot, daughter of Ernest and a descendant of Jehan and Perrine.  I thoroughly enjoyed your website and was deeply touched at your effort to connect to relatives.  God bless you and yours.

From:  meandmarandteethytwo [dfg99@alaska.net]
Dated: Fri 3/17/00 5:01 AM
Subj:  Hello Joe

Hello Joe.

Your web site is great1 I have always wanted to know more about how my Theriualt roots ended up in St. John's area after the deportation. My father has been gone for many years now (1988), but he had thought that at one time the family was on Prince Edward Island. Not sure why or how they might have got there. But anyway I don't remember any stories about the ship The Pembroke. Is there any books out there that i can read about the story?

I have the following books if you ever need anything looked up:

Ties of Common Blood "history of Maines Northeast Boundary dispute (1783-1842)
History of the Acadians Bona Arsenault
History of Madawaska by Thomas Albert
Thibodeau Reunion book 1654-1984
Madawaskan heritage by Leo Cyr (he helped me many years ago on the family)
Acadian Miracle by Dudley Lablanc

I had the  books for the Theriault reunion that tooks place in Maine/New Brunswick in the late 1980's early 1990"s (not sure) I'm going try and get those again. I lent them out and never got um back! Never do that one again! Well hope i didn't bore ya to much. I haven't done a search on here yet for info on The Pembroke, but thought you might know where there might be more info. Sounds like a great story. Once again great web site.

Len Thario (yup another variation of Theriault!)

From:  lafrance [lafrance@landmarknet.net]
Dated: Fri 3/10/00 5:37 AM
Subj: Theriault Pictures

I enjoyed your site very much. My wife's mother was Bertha  Theriault and lived in Berlin, N. H. all of  her life. Did you know any Theriaults while you lived in Berlin?

In picture #2 on your web site I recognize the location of the picture. It was taken at the reservoir at the end of Burgess St. in Berlin.

I have a picture for you, which includes four generations of Theriaults taken around 1932 in Berlin, N. H. In the picture, seated is Albert Theriault (my mother-inlaws brother) with his son Robert, standing on the left is Alphonse (Albert's father) and to his right is Germain ( his father).

Robert Lafrance

From:  Murielle Ducas [donny@mediom.qc.ca]
Dated: Sun 3/5/00 3:34 PM
Subj:  Information


Somebody suggested to me that I communicate with you. I'm researching the date of marriage of: François Theriault and Marie Philomene Caron. I know it's approximately in 1866-1867. Their first child was born on 1868 in Fort Kent Maine.The names of  their children are Thomas, Joseph,Antoine,Arthémise(Hortance),Octave,Philomène,François,Henri,Victoire and Denise.

Thanks to you.
Murielle Ducas(Québec)

From:  Rober Theriault[masseyfurgusson@hotmail.com]
Dated: Fri 3/3/00 5:36 PM
Subj:  more info

Hello there. This is Robert Theriault. I saw your site and was delighted to see so much info on the Theriault's. I am wondering if you have the two Theriault books that were printed for the [family theriault reunion] in Madawaska by Linda Dube. It has quiet a lot of info and pictures. I am hoping to upload my family ancestry by the end of the month. If you don't have these books maybe I might have info for you? Let me know. By the way, 6 generations of my family were printers. The last one was in charge of the printing bureau of canada. He retired in 1933. He was my great, great Grandfather his name was Adelard Theriault.

BOB Theriault

From:  QueenMeaux@aol.com
Dated: Monday, February 28, 2000 6:39 PM
Subj:  The Cajuns

Hello, Joe!

I will soon be copying my little family history MY CAJUN ROOTS:  THERIOT AND SOME ASSOCIATED FAMILIES for the New Orleans Public Library, and will make a copy of it for you.

As far as I know, we all descend from Jean and Perrine Breau (Breaux, Brault).

By the way, some people refer to me as "the old Cajun lady," and I love it!  I'm almost 78 years old, am mobility-impaired, live alone, except for my two cats, and how I cherish my independence!  I have 9 children, 22 grandchildren, and am expecting my 14th great grand child at the end of April. I am president of our local genealogy society, and genealogical research takes up a lot of my time, and I love my e-mail. I also crochet baby shoes and christening blankets for all those babies that keep coming along to add joy to my life.

I was widowed almost seven years ago, a few months after we celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary, and it took me about three years to get my head screwed on right again, but I am a-okay now, and happy again.

You'll be hearing from me soon.

Aline Theriot-Meaux

From:  QueenMeaux@aol.com
Dated: Mon 2/28/00 11:10 AM
Subj:  The Cajuns

Hello from Louisiana, Cuz.

I, too, descend from the Claude Theriot line, but from another Joseph.  My progenitor was the Joseph Theriot who came from Acadie with his wife, Madeleine Bourgeois, and their children, when they were released from Halifax about 1765.  His other, Francoise Melancon (widow Theriot) had come to Louisiana in 1755, with four younger sons, by way of Santo Domingo, with the Joseph "Beausoliel" Broussard group, arriving in Louisiana about 1765.  By the time the older son, Joseph arrived in 1775 or '76, the mother had died, so she never got to see those grandchildren.

How I digress!!  What I really want to do is tell you that I find your website very interesting, and would you like to know more about my family's history?

From:  Ronald Gaudet [rongaudet@earthlink.net]
Dated: Sun 2/27/00 1:34 PM
Subj:  The Acadians

Joe THeriault:

Checked out your web site and loved the new music section. It was sort of a bitter-sweet experience. I can remember, when I was a young boy, watching my mother listen to some French music albums that had been sent to her from Québec. She loved that music.

Talk to you all soon,


(WebMaster's Note: Ron and I recently discovered that his Gaudet ancestral grandfather was next-door neighbor in Port Royal to Claude Terriault... the first generation Claude... during the time of the 1707 census. What ancient connections! JRT)

From:  sg2788 [sg2788@nbnet.nb.ca]
Dated: Sat 2/26/00 3:55 PM
Subj:   Théotime Theriault

Hi Joe

    Thanks for the prompt reply.

    The time frame is about right on and so is the location which is just a few mile from Caraquet, but it is another Théotime Theriault as this one was only and always married to my great aunt. I remember both of them well as I was 8 years old when they made their last visit and my parents corresponded with them until well after WW 2. It's possible they may have been cousins and I feel certain that they knew each other.

    I thank you very much for taking the time to check out the information for me. Incidentally there is a Fidèle Theriault who lives not far from me here, he is a historian and writer. I have one of his books " Les familles de Caraquet". It is a Genealogy of the families of the Parishes of Bas Caraquet, Bertrand, Grand Anse, Maisonnette, Paquetville and St. Simon.

    ......Leo Doucet......Fredericton, NB......Canada......

From:  sg2788 [sg2788@nbnet.nb.ca]
Dated: Sat 2/26/00 3:55 PM
Subj:   Théotime Theriault


    I had the pleasure of visiting your lovely web site this afternoon, congratulations.

    I was wondering if you had any information on "Théotime Theriault", married to Thérèse Doucet of Bathurst, NB. Thérèse was my paternal grandmother's sister. Théotime I believe was from the Caraquette/Shippagan area of NB but I am not certain of that. He was born around 1860 / 65.

    The two moved to Boston just after the turn of the century and raised several children there. He became an inventor of sorts as he received a patent for an improvement for motorcycles and the proceeds from this made them relatively wealthy. They owned a summer residence at 39 Paul St. Watertown, Mass, and I remember two visits they made to Dalhousie, NB, around 1930 and 1932, when they arrived by chauffeured limousine.

    About two years ago I telephoned most of the Theriaults in the Boston directory  but could not raise even one descendent although I knew several of their children had married.

    Regards..........Leo Doucet......Fredericton, NB......Canada......

From:  CGFA Serv. Technique [techcgfa@quebectel.com]
Dated: Fri 2/25/00 10:03 AM
Subj:   Votre site http://www.family-joseph-t.theriault.com/ (The Acadian Family
of Joseph T. and Theogenie Theriault)


Il nous fait plaisir de vous annoncer que votre site a été reférencé sur le serveur de www.genealogie.org, dans la section  "Sites sur Internet/Acadie/Pages personnelles ".

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From: Fernand et Marie-Ange Lévesque [fernandl@nbnet.nb.ca]
Dated: Tue 2/22/00 10:34 PM
Subj:  Heureuse découverte!

Cher cousin,

Un ami nous a référés à votre excellente page de famille et nous ne pouvons nous empêcher de venir vous féliciter pour ce merveilleux travail. C’est évidemment un travail d’amour envers la famille Thériault qui, nous en sommes assurés, vous est entièrement redevable.

Comme humble contribution, il nous fait plaisir de vous transmettre la transcription des actes de baptême de vos deux aïeuls ainsi que leur acte de mariage. Il est fort probable que vous les ayez déjà. Au cas où ils sont nouveaux, ils apporteront peut-être un autre élément de preuve aux dates et à la graphie des noms.

Transcription de l’acte de baptême de Joseph Thériault :
« Le 30 décembre 1858 j’ai baptisé Joseph né la veille du lég. mar. de Adolphe Therriault et Christine Soucis. Parrain et marraine, Joseph Saint Onge et Mathilde Bélanger. Signé : H. McGuirk, ptre. »
(Registres paroissiaux de Saint-Basile, microfilm A3728 (F13328), Archives provinciales du Nouveau-Brunswick, Fredericton, NB.)

Transcription de l’acte de baptême de Théogénie Ouellet :
« Le vingt sept mars mil huit cent soixante quatre nous soussigné curé de cette paroisse avons baptisé Marie Théogénie Ouellet, née la veille du légitime mariage de Benoit Ouellet, cultivateur du lieu, et de Elisabeth Thériault. Parrain Paul Ouellet, marraine Xantippe Demers qui n’ont pu signer. Le père absent. Signé : G. Nadeau, ptre. »
(Protonotaire de Rimouski, registres d’état civil, paroisse de Sainte-Luce, QC, microfilm M 178/42, p. 0783, Archives nationales du Québec, Québec, QC.
Unsolved mysteries No. 3 : Cet acte de baptême est très lisible et ne laisse aucun doute que le nom qu’elle a reçu au baptême est bien « Théogénie ». Notez que sa mère est également une Thériault. Il est fort probable qu’il y ait un lien de parenté entre Joseph T. et Théogénie Ouellet. Vous en êtes probablement informé.

Transcription de l’acte de mariage de Joseph Thériault et Théogone Ouellet :
Le 5 février 1882
« Après la publication de 2 bancs de mariage entre Joseph Thériault et Théogone Ouellet nous soussigné avons reçu leur consentement mutuel de mariage en présence de Dolphis Thériault et Pierre Plourde. Signé : L.C. D’Amours, ptre. »
(Registres paroissiaux de Saint-Jacques, microfilm A4520 (F15720), Archives provinciales du Nouveau-Brunswick, Fredericton, NB.)
Encore une fois, félicitations et continuez le beau travail!

Marie-Ange et Fernand Lévesque

(Fils de Léanne[11] (de Saint-Basile, NB), Willie[10], Louis[9], Béloni[8], Béloni-Benjamin[7], Joseph[6], Joseph[5], Claude[4], Germain[3], Claude[2] et Jean[1] Thériault).

1er p.s. Nous nous rejoignons à la cinquième génération!
2e p.s. Serait-il possible de savoir où vous demeurez?

From: Gary & Jackie Auclair [auclair@home.com]
Dated: Sun 2/20/00 3:35 PM
Subj:  Theriault

My husband descends from Vital Theriault, but to date, I have been unable to find a birth record, death record, or a marriage record on this man.  The only clue is the fact that in the marriage record of his son, Joseph Theriault in 1887 that states:  On April 2, 1887, I gave the nuptial benediction to Joseph Theriault, major son of deceased Vital Theriault, and Sara Dupere on one side...etc. etc.

Son Joseph was born in 1856 in N.B. and he shows up with his mother in 1860 census in Van Buren area where mother is married to Auclair.  Son Joseph kept his Theriault name until he married in 1887, but shortly thereafter he took on the Auclair name. Two sons were baptized under Theriault.  His two living daughters have no clue why he changed the name.

Sorry for the long explanation.  Joseph had thirteen children and thus there are a number of Theriault/Auclair descendants from this union. If you are at all interested in this line, I will send you what I have accumulated.  If you have anything on a Vital Theriault that might be of help, I would appreciate it.

Jacqueline Auclair          Auclair@treeline.net

From: Gilles G. Thériault [ggterio@globetrotter.net]
Dated: Sun 2/6/00 1:14 PM
Subj:  Généalogie

Cher monsieur:

Je viens tout juste de visualiser votre site sur le web. C`est un travail tout à fait exceptionnel et je tenais beaucoup à vous féléicité pour ce travail .

Je suis moi-même très  au fait de la famille Thériault ayant fait depuis plus de vingt ans des recherches  sur les origines de nos ancêtres.

Notre ancêtre maternel est effectivement Perrine Brault  tel que vous l`écrivez.

Je me sépare de vous à partir de la 3 ieme génération.  Mes ancêtres les plus proches origines de Vital Thériault et la grande  majorité de mes proches résident tous aux environs d`Edmundston et de Madawaska Me. D`ailleurs moi-meme je suis natif de Van Buren  Maine.

Içi j`ai toutes les références pour cette lignée au complet.

Beaucoup de Thériault ont des recherches sur leurs ancêtres. A Rimouski  des recherches sont déja compilés pour de nombreuse branches.

Malheureusement je ne sais comment réunir toutes ses documentations car ce serait un travail gigantesque.

Si jamais vous croyez que ma documentation vous serait d`une quelqconque utilité veuillez me le faire savoir car je vais régulièrement à Edmundston et il me ferait grand plaisir de parler avec vous. En passant je suis parfait bilingue.

Bien à vous . Gilles G.
Gilles G. Thériault

From: Ronald Gaudet [mailto:rongaudet@earthlink.net]
Dated: Sunday, January 30, 2000 5:23 PM
Subj:  Common Ancestors

I just saw your Web Site and all I can say is "beautiful". My name is Ron Gaudet and I am a direct descendant of Jean Gaudet, also known as Jehan Godet, who was born about 1575 at Martaizé (in Vienne), France. He came to Acadia with his son Dennis in about 1636. Looking at your site, I`ve decided that it is possible that Jehan and your ancestor, Jean Terriau, may very well have known each other.

I am part of a group of Acadian "cousins" who are researching the early to present day Acadians, French-Canadians and Cajuns. The name of Jean Terriau, his wife and his children appear in my family tree file. I presently have over 22,000 individuals and over 7,600 families in my file. I'd like to know if you might be interested in a copy of it. I am also always looking for sources to verify the data that I now have in my files.

I am trying to find more information about the French ancestors and relatives of Jean Gaudet and the Martaizé area of France. Perhaps you have more information about that. I`m also wondering if I might have permission to use some of your pictures of Martaizé and the adjacent areas.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


Ron Gaudet

From: Jean-Christian Theriault [jctheriault@hotmail.com]
Dated: Wed 1/26/00 11:37 AM
Subj:  You were right (I am so excited about that )


In fact when I sent the e-mail yesterday, I never thought I would have such a great reply. Be sure that I thank you very much for what you have done and I will be happy to receive more information if you can, or tell me how I can help you, you will have all my cooperation on that !!!

Ok, now I can tell you what I know about my family for your database !!!

Yes, Edgard and Evelyne are my grand parents. Eveline is still living in the city of Bic, near Rimousky, and she will be happy to see the photo of Michel!  (My father) Jean-Claude called her this morning and she remembered the father of Edgard Vincent, and his grandfather Michel ! For the birthdate and other information I must have a discussion with my father. I sent him few minutes ago your e-mail.

Tell me what kind of information you need for your database and I will find it for you in few days !

Best regards !

Jean-Christian Thériault

From: Jean-Christian Theriault [jctheriault@hotmail.com]
Dated: Tue 1/25/00 4:11 PM
Subj: From Montreal !
Hi, as you will read I am french canadian and my english is not so well, anyway !

I went to see my grandma a few weeks ago and she showed me a lot of old photos. She was explaining to me the life when she was young. She is 99 years old, born in December 1900, and still beating us at Scrabble game. Anyway !

She is not a Theriault, she is a Frenette, but my Grandpa's name is Edgar Theriault and was american from the northeast US.

I don't know if we are in the same genealogy but I am interested to know more about my family history. I find your web site very interesting, and maybe I can be a little help to improve it from my family !!!

I do not know how to do this !  All I know about my grandpa is that his father was a lawyer and they both came both to Quebec to develop the country. Edgar Theriault married Eveline Frenette in the Gaspesie little city named Nouvelle. They had 10 living children. One of the sons  had 2 children, me and my sister, and the daughters had about 8 (about because our family is not so near).

I know I can find the names of others persons near of Edgar family and his birth date and last living day ! That would help ? Waiting for your comment

Best regards

Jean-Christian Thériault

From: Roger Theriault [roger_theriault@encode.com]
Dated: Sun 1/16/00 4:22 PM
Subj:  Genealogy Information

One month ago, I had no idea about my ancestry. Today, my family is so pleased that you contacted us and words can not express our gratitude to you and others who devoted so much time, effort and expense towards the development and preservation of the Theriault family tree. Joe, I thank you for sharing this information with us.

At this time, I am trying to contact Linda Dube so that I can update our line from my grandfather to our grandchildren.

I have must gather a lot of information to bring our line up to date. My sister, who lives in Grand Falls N.B. , will be a good source of information.

I am having problems with my computer again but I shall overcome soon. Then, I will be able to purchase the FAMILY TREE MAKER and install it in my system. I think this will help me along with me project.

Thank you again for the information you have shared with us. My generation and the generations that will follow will be forever grateful to you in developing and maintaining the Theriault name.


From: Joyouslov@aol.com
Dated: Thu 1/13/00 12:01 AM
Subj:  Rose Theriault
Dear Joe,

Thanks so much for the information and especially responding so quickly.  I will let you know at a later date how much more info I would like to have.  I will be out of the country for a couple of weeks and I may not get back on
this immediately.

I am a little familiar with the area around Clair, Ft. Kent and Lac Baker. At one time my grandparents owned the little guesthouse/restaurant on the "island" on the lake.  My grandfather died when they were fixing up the place
so they never opened it back up for business.  I do not know who ran it before then.  My grandfather is buried in Clair and in 1991 we went and found his grave.  He was known around there as Jos Landry even though his birth name was Charles Auguste Belanger.  He learned of his adoption after he already had a family of his own.

Well, I'll be back in touch in a few weeks. Take care,


From: Joyouslov@aol.com
Dated: Tue 1/11/00 4:00 AM
Subj:  Rose Theriault
I found your website and was most impressed.

We do not seem to be directly related.  However, I wonder if you may have any info about my GGG Grandmother? Her name was Rose Theriault and she married Clovis Louis Chasse in April 1845 in Frenchville, Maine.  Her parents were Prosper Theriault and Josette Albert.  I do not have any more info regarding her lineage.  Any possible
links would be greatly appreciated.

Do you happen to have any info about the settlement of Clair, NB?  I understand it was a small village and the Chasse and Lang families were well known there.

Have a great New Year. Hoping to hear from you soon.


From: Roger Theriault [roger_theriault@encode.com]
Dated: Fri 12/31/99 11:30 AM
Subj:  Verry Impressive
Hi Again.

After reading your email, I checked your web site. Now that is a web site to be proud of in more ways than I can imagine. You have made me very happy by sharing this information with my family.

For many years, I have been gathering bits and pieces of information on my family tree. Because I am the youngest in my family, I have been given the task of organizing the family tree for my brothers and sisters.

In reviewing your information, I can't find any links the link us together. There are many common threads though, and the most common element is the " location ". Myself, my father were born in Grand Falls New Brunswick which is just south of Edmonston N. B.

My grandfather Joseph Onesime Theriault wes born on March 12,1891. He was the son of Onesime Theriault and Arthemise Beaulieu. His God parents were Antoine Theriault ( uncle ) and his wife Delphine Berube. He was baptized in St. Modest Co timi by Rev. Father H. J. Bernier.

My grandmother Marie Louise Lavoie was born on May 22, 1892. She was the daughter of Auguste Lavoie and Eugenie Pare. Her Godparents were Joseph Pare ( Grandfather ) and his wife Obeline Castonguay. She was baptized in St. Hubert by Rev. Father A. P. Berube.

This is as far back in the Theriault tree that I can go because I can only communicate in english.

In reading your research, you indicated that there are other branches of Theriault's. I would be interested in finding out if my family could be linked to your family or some other branch of Theriault's.

Based on the work that you have done, ( THE BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT I COULD HAVE RECEIVED ) , I am confident that I now can gather all my pieces of paper and start recording this information. Any advice that you can share with me, as to how should I get started, would be appreciated.

ps: Have a Happy New Year!!!

From: J. Theriault [butleja@fundy.net]
Dated: Mon 12/6/99 5:57 PM
Subj:  Genealogy
I was very impressed with your web page. I also am a Theriault, our family lives in the northern part of New Brunswick, Caraquet. I live in the southern of NB, Westfield. I really would like to trace my family tree sometime and I think that your page gives me a head start thanks. Any additional information would be surely be much appreaciated.


Joseph Edward Theriault

From: Glenn Laffy [glaffy@toast.net]
Dated: Fri 12/3/99 10:02 PM
Subj:  Family Crest
Hi Joseph,

I read in Gen forum that you have the graphics for the Theriault family crest. Could you e-mail them to me? Thanks,

Glenn Laffy

My web site: http://sites.netscape.net/glaffy/genealogyMy preferred e-mail: glaffy@netscape.net

From: LucieMC [LucieMC@mediaone.net]
Dated: Sat 11/20/99 1:35 PM
Subj:  Re: What a Wonderful Site! Congratulations!
Hi Joe..

I've been visiting your site and I'm not quite done but you really do have a wonderful site! I will post a link on my Links Page to yours as soon as I have a minute... working out-of-doors today finishing up Fall cleanup that we usually can't get to until Spring because it is usually too cold by now.. however, it's almost 70 today here in Massachusetts and we are taking full advantage of it.. ven got my outside Christmas decorations up.. :o).. Till later!


Lucie LeBlanc Consentino
Acadian & French Canadian Ancestral Home
http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Pointe/6106 http://www.geocities.com/lucieleblanc.geo/

From: Hugpatsmom@aol.com
Dated: Fri 11/19/99 2:41 AM
Subj:  Your Web Site
My name is Marjorie Thibodeaux Conner. I was searching information on a particular Thibodeaux and came across your site. That was at 11:30 PM and it is now 1:30 AM. I have read and reread much of your information. What a joy to see such well written information and so organized.

I am a direct descendant of Jeanne Theriault and Pierre Thibodeau (From them to Michel -- Charles -- Jean Anselme -- Jean Baptiste --Jean Marcelin -- Villiore -- Jean Sevigne -- Deluke -- ME. My big regret is that my father is not here. He died in 1983. I would love to share this site with him. I will certainly get my family huddled around the computer when daylight arrives. Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

 Another cousin,

Marjorie in Lake Charles (Formerly from Acadia Parish, Louisiana)

From: HUMPH19@aol.com
Dated: Fri 11/12/99 10:42 PM
Subj:  Re: coat of arms
Joe, thank you for sending the files. I checked out your family page. My Theriault line begins with Josette Theriault, daughter of Charles Theriault and Marie Anne Blondeau dit Verbois. Josette married Jean St-Onge 16 Aug. 1813 in Kamouraska, Quebec. A lot of my ancestors hail from the St. Jacques and St. Basile NB areas. You can see the rest of my Theriault line at http://members.aol.com/humph19/genealogy.index.html


From: Mike Theriault [mikk007@yahoo.com]
Dated: Fri 11/12/99 4:38 PM
Subj:  The Germain Line
My name is Michael William Theriault. I have some information you might be interested in concerning our family history. If you email me your postal address I will mail you a copy of the family history I have. I am a descendant from the Germaine line originating from Jehan and Perrine. The main history I have in my possession is about Joseph Bruno Polycarpe Theriault and his descendants. I found it very interesting that the early lineage corresponds with yours except for the five brothers.

One question, have you heard the story of the five Theriault brothers four of whom jumped shipped while serving in the French navy? Thank-you


From: hhuffman@bellsouth.net
Dated: Mon 10/18/99 10:07 PM
Subj:  Another Branch

My name is Katheleen Marie Theriault and I live in Alabama.

Although I do not come from the Joseph T. branch I want to say Hi! And let you know I think you have done a great thing here. I typed my last name in just to see what might come up, and I must say I was really surprised and thrilled to see part of my family history on the 'net'. Again, you have done a fantastic job.

In 1993, I traveled to Madawaska and attended the "Theriault Reunion" that was held. As I mentioned, I am not from the Joseph T. branch but I would like to share our branch with you. I will begin with my father Elmer John Theriault.

Elmer, Raymond, Prosper, Xavier, Tranquille, Fermain, Joseph, Jean, Joseph, Germain, Claude, Jehan

Take Care,