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Martaizé, France. The Terriot ancestral village.
It is situated in the old  province of Poitou-Charente about 150 miles from La Rochelle, a five day ride by oxen. Martaizé lies on a very historical road from Chinon to Poitiers... This was the road taken by Joan of Arc and her loyal soldiers  to Poitiers during her campaign to deliver France from the English in 1430. Jehan and Perrine's ancestors in Martaizé no doubt rallied around Joan of Arc in her victory against the English.

The area around Martaizé is largely agricultural with the principle crops being wheat, barley, oats and oil seed. The farm lands are level and rich. Ten to fifteen miles further north and closer to the Loire River, vineyards are also prominent.

Martaizé... the approach to the Village.Typical of most European cities or villages, the church is the most prominent building in the village. The population includes about 100 families.  The original church was destroyed by fire during the 19th century. The existing church was built as a replacement.  The sleepy village is very quiet but its people are helpful and friendly.
Martaizé.View of the village as we enter...  A welcome scene for far-away visitors...
...Note the signs to Aulnay, the neighboring village believed to be the home of Jehan Terriot's mother and father, Claude Terriot. Aulnay is about five miles west of Martaizé.
Martaizé...their church to mark the Village Center of course. Monsieur Le Curé in Martaizé welcomes all visitors who knock on his courtyard door especially Terriot's.  He is a very energetic man whose favorite past time is gardening.

Martaizé, Stone Walls and Stone Houses.  The main street that wanders around Martaizé.
Martaizé...Return from the Fields.  Farming just like back home in Maine and New Brunswick.

Martaizé... a modern home and auto. Although ancient history, architecture and art are abundant in France, the country is a very modern country with very fine super highways (AutoRoute), automobiles, modern appliances and yes, even McDonalds. Martaize is typical of most French villages: quiet, sun-washed, stone architecture and abundant vegetation and flours.
Martaizé... Crossroads of the Ancestral Villages. The neighboring villages of La Chausee and Aulnay are not far. Our Terriot ancestors also lived in both villages, La Chausee and Aulnay. The village of Aulnay was named after the Seigneurie D'Aulnay, the Provincial Estate of Lord Aulnay who played a key role in recruiting Jehan Terriot for emigration to Acadia.
Martaizé, the Breadbasket. The surrounding farms, fields and crops are very similar to those raised in New Brunswick and Aroostook County in the state of Maine.

Martaizé, Surrounded by Rich Farmland. Beautiful, bountiful farm lands... and expertly maintained and manicured by the meticulous French farmer.
La Chaussée;Church and Acadian Museum/Maison de l'Acadie. The church dates to the 11th century when for many centuries after, it was the only church in the La Chaussee-Aulnay-Martaizé area. La Chaussee along with Aulnay is one of the neighboring villages to Martaizé. This church has seen and has sheltered the early Terriot ancestors during their  baptisms, First Holy Communions, weddings, funerals and other occasions.  By the way, the Mayor of La Chaussee, Monsieur Gigon, also doubles as the Curator or docent of the museum, La Maison de l'Acadie. See previous page for a beautiful sketch of this ancient church.