This section is used to identify the many questions, inconsistencies, disagreements and mysteries that we have encountered in our research of the Theriault genealogy. These are the issues that we tend to concentrate on in our research. Our hope is that you may have some information, or a different point of view that can resolve these mysteries...

My line is the J. Terriot born of the first marriage (1746 ) of Jean Joseph Terriot to Angelique Landry. He was the first Terriot to go to St Basile NB. 

On another note I have a number of unidentified pictures taken in the early 1900s of my Terrio ancestors. Some of them indicate that they were taken in Salem, Mass. I don't know if they moved there from NB or if they were visiting relatives  but I would sure like to know. Are you aware if the Salem Terriots came from NB or NS in the 1800 or 1900s or, if they came from elsewhere i.e. deported from Acadia?

Of the possible 900-1000 branches (which we call Great-Branches), we have so far documented just under 100, although those 100 branches are made up of some 20,000 individuals and 7500 families. So, we have a long way to go before we can say that we have documented all branches.

So, of the branches that we have uncovered so far, none migrated from Madawaska (descendants of Joseph R, son of Joseph…aka Jean Joseph) to the Salem, MA area.

However, we know that Salem, MA seemed to be a popular destination at least for the Theriault’s. So, it is probable that some of Joseph R’s descendants eventually settled in Salem.

Thanks for your offer to help. The photos that I have included here are from a small album originally belonging to Florence Terrio (my grandmother) #1868 on the attached genealogy. Most of the photos are dated between 1909 and 1911. Many were taken in and around Amherst Nova Scotia others were taken in New York state and in Mass. Some are on passenger boats going between Canada and Boston note in one photo the name of the boat can be seen the " Calvin Austin"     Others are on recreational craft. I suspect that there were strong ties to the Boston/ Salem area with some of the family or relatives living there and others visiting them while on vacation

The Rainsford Terrio family included 5 children.

Mary #812 brought her family up in Schenectady NY 

Florence lived in Halifax following her marriage

Daniel #132 lived all his life in the Moncton NB and Amherst NS area.

John #1867 and Fred#811the first born were twins.

Fred brought up his family in Amherst NS however his daughter Molly #1863 married Francis Hayes from Gloucester Mass. I believe they lived in Halifax Nova Scotia after their marriage. I am told that their daughters were adopted.

This leaves John - I know very little about him or his descendants. He seems to be the most likely one to have lived and brought up his family in Mass. One of the photos shows his boat with the caption "J.B. Terrio's Sk---Launch in Salem Mass"


From Northern Maine, the Three Theriault Brothers... We've received an inquiry from Dave Thireault (no, this is not a spelling error, just another variation of our last name) of Minnesota. His grandfather Denis Theriault was born in 1889 in Huot, Minnesota, a small french community near Red Lake Falls, in northwestern Minnesota. His great-grandfather, also named Denis and his two brothers, Isaac and Zephier came from Maine via Canada into northern Minnesota in the early 1890's. The three brothers followed the logging industry. Great-grandfather Denis and his brother Zephier were married to sisters from the Charles Guimont family. Denis married Matilda Guimont. Matilda had a brother George and a sister Ida. The three Theriault brothers and their wives moved into northern Minnesota in the early 1890's when the area was open for homesteading. Dave explains that his grandmother switched the 'i' and 'e' around in their last name to keep their mail from getting mixed up with another family of Theriault's closeby. Before that, the name had the more common spelling. Dave's grandfather Denis married Nina Costello whose father was Irish and mother was Swedish. The Costello's homesteaded in Saint Anthony, Minnesota, a part of present-day Minneapolis.

For those of you who have access to source data of the northern Maine and New Brunswick parishes, please keep Denis Theriault (born in 1889) and his wife Nina Costello in mind; as well as Denis' father, Denis Theriault and his wife Matilda Guimont. We are looking for the connection back into the Theriault family for this lumberjack family.

The Twin Brothers from Caribou, Maine... Lynda Theriault (who lives in Maine) is asking whether we have any information on her Theriault lineage. Her grandfather's/"pépére's"  name was Hector who had a twin brother named Oscar. The twin brothers' father was Nomi Theriault who was married to Elise Blis?. They lived in the Caribou, Maine area. She has no birth, marriage or deceased dates. Her father is Sheldon Theriault living in Maine.


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