One of the goals of the TERRIOT ACADIAN FAMILY is to promote the research of our family's genealogy, and also to involve as many members of the family in our project. Accordingly, we invite all members of the family and those related,  to consider focusing on a small aspect of our history or genealogy, study the area thoroughly and report on it here, in this section. In addition to gaining the experience of researching and writing, all other members of the family will benefit by the additional information. For those of you interested in publishing your works, the best and quickest way to copyright your work is to publish on the Internet.

The following papers have been submitted by some of our family members. Those in the category of 'Reviewed Papers" were reviewed in a 'peer review' internally or by outside organizations. A click on the link will open the paper. You may download and/or print the paper for your reading if you wish. To download and save the paper on your system, right click and select the option  "Save Target As". Security protection is set on the documents to disallow changes.

Reviewed Papers:

Theriot's of Louisiana Author:  J.R.Theriault, K.T. Reader  July 2000


Conference presentations of the CMA 2014 Terriot Reunion:

1a. History of Greater Madawaska
1b. Histoire du Grand Madawaska

2a. Migration of the Thériault Family to Madawaska
2b. Migration de la famille Thériault au Madawaska

3. Terriot Reunion Conference Brochure/Souvenir
These two sets of documents are bilingual and were presented to the Terriot Reunion of CMA 2014.

The 'History of Greater Madawaska' was presented by Guy Thériault, Secretary of the Association des familles Thériaults d'Amerique at the Pohenegamook, QC and the Fort Kent, Maine venues.

The "Migration of the Thériault Family to Madawaska" was presented by J. R. Theriault, of the Terriot Acadian Family Society at the Baker Brook, NB and the Fort Kent, Maine venues.
Abridged Photo History of St Coeur de Marie Parish This document is a compilation of the photos taken from the Photo Album of the Parish of St Coeur de Marie in Baker Brook, NB and of some of the photos from the collection of the family of Joseph Thériault de Baker Brook.
Destination: Madawaska;  Biography of Charles Terrieau, Acadian Settler This biography of Charles Terrieau [sic] documents a part of the migration of the family from Acadia to Québec and then finally to Madawaska region in the valley of the St-John River in northwest New Brunswick. Published by the Société historique du Madawaska, Edmundston, NB. Author:  J.R.Theriault,  Mar 2009
(This document is currently the property of the Société historique du Madawaska. Please contact M. Jacques Albert of the Société to order a copy of the book. For permission to review the book, please contact the author at
Le Terriot August 2010 Publication of the Association des familles Thériault d'Amérique. This edition documents the historic gathering on 12 June 2010 in St-Jean Port-Joli, QC of the family to honor Joseph and Agnès Cormier Terriot.
Souvenir Book Thériault Nouvelle-Écosse 2004 Published by:  Association des Thériaults de la NÉ

Other Papers:

The Thériaults of Nouveau Brunswick This short history was submitted by Daniel Thériault (Adrien,Leo, Maxime, Charles), member of the Charles and Méthaïde Thériault Great-Branch. The article surveys the history of the Thériault's of New Brunswick from our progenitor, Jehan to the Thériault's of the late 19th century. The history is well-written and comprehensive. It identifies the ancestry of the family in all areas of New Brunswick. If your Thériault origins are New Brunswick, this survey is a very fine starting point in your research. Daniel's father, the late Adrien Thériault was our first delegate for the Charles and Méthaïde Thériault Great-Branch.
Author: Daniel Thériault, Aug 2001