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Le drapeau Acadien, adopté à la deuxième convention acadienne tenue à l'Île-du-Prince-Edouard en 1884.WELCOME!! to the JEHAN AND PERRINE TERRIOT FAMILY website, the flagship site of the TERRIOT ACADIAN FAMILY. We welcome Terriot's of all nationalities and all who are interested in the Acadian story. Indeed, we are a multinational family. If you would like to know more about our organization, go to the 'All About Us' section.

For your pleasure and convenience, we have designed this site to read like a book...  it is easy to browse through each section and there are no commercial pop-up messages to distract you. To help create the setting for this story, we draw on our archive of Acadian music which you will hear as you read each section. But most important is that we try to mix the human element along with the historical and genealogical details to bring the 'past back to life' and to keep it interesting. So, take your time to read through each section. Our address is WWW.TERRIAU.ORG. Bookmark us, because we think that you will want to return.

ACADIANS & TERRIOT'S  While the majority of us are either French, Canadian or American, there are exceptions. And, as with many Acadian families, we have been scattered, and have scattered throughout many parts of the world. To further confuse those who are not familiar with us, we carry different versions of our Terriot name, including some of the following:

Tario, Tariot, Teriau, Teriault, Terio, Teriot, Terriah, Terriau, Terriault, Terrio, Terriot, Terryah, Thario, Theriau, Theriault, Thériault, Thérriault, Therio, Theriott, Theriot, Thériot, Therrio, Therriot, Thierault

The more common or known versions are underlined while the others are possible variations. So, if your surname is listed above or is yet another variant of one of the above variations, then you are a member of our Acadian family, and we bid you a hearty Welcome!

While you are visiting with us, we want you to know that when we refer to Acadians in this website, we include anyone whose ancestors are Acadian;  whether «Cajun», Cadien, French Canadian, or Acadian descendants from other parts of North America, or of the world.

The only time that we will distinguish between the different groups will be when we discuss subjects which pertain to one of the groups, e.g., in music, food, language and migration. In any event, we are all part of the same family. And , while there is alot of variety in our family, there are a few common attributes which we will explore later.

The Terriot family currently has fifteen (15) generations in North America and is very large. Most, if not all Terriot's on the North American continent trace their roots to Jehan and Perrine Terriot, the originators or progenitors of the Terriot family in North America. It was this courageous couple who first stepped on to the North American continent in the 1630's to begin a new life.

Has your Theriault family been counted in?  If not... why not?OUR WEBSITE...  This website is dedicated to our progenitors, Jehan and Perrine TERRIOT and focuses on their trek to the New World. We hope that you will pass this Acadian story on to your children and to the rest of your family. As part of our presentation, we also have photo tours of our ancestral village in France... the village of Martaizé and of the surrounding ancient province of Poitou, as well as of old Acadia in present-day Nova Scotia.
In addition, we will present the first nine generations of the Terriot family and explore the branches of the family and their migrations to different parts of the North American continent and other parts of the world. So, please browse through our Archive, the  JEHAN & PERRINE TERRIOT ARCHIVE to get the emerging picture of this Acadian family. We stress the word "emerging" because the Archive continues a 'Work in Progress'.

As shown in the chart above, our new and growing ARCHIVE currently includes:

    • 18, 858 individuals,
    •   7,908 families,
    •   2,409 different family names and
    •      102 Great-Branches
and there are thousands more individuals that are missing from our records. Each new entry is carefully added making sure that the sources of the information are valid and authentic. Each of the currently documented Great-Branches is represented by a Delegate who is a member of the particular branch and who is available to answer questions about that branch. Send me an e-mail with your question or comment and I will ask the appropriate delegate to contact you.

GOALS & OBJECTIVES... Our goals with the TERRIOT ACADIAN FAMILY website are the following: (1) to first make the Terriot story and its records available to as many members of our family as possible, (2) to continue the development of the Terriot genealogy to include as many of our family members as possible, and (3) to provide a communications link between the members of our family that promotes an understanding of the Terriot family, its history, culture as well as its people. Why?

Several reasons:

  • Because we believe that it is important for us to know that of the billions of people on this small planet some of us share common parents and thus should not treat each other as strangers.
  • Also because by understanding some of the strengths and weaknesses of our family, we might be able to use those strengths to improve our world before we leave. As to the weaknesses, we can learn to work around them and thus improve our lives and the lives of those around us.
  • And one final reason, because of a simple desire to honor the men and women upon whose shoulders we came into this world.
YOUR HOST...  Before I go on, let me introduce myself: my name is Joseph Ralph Theodule Theriault and I am Acadian by heritage. I have had the great fortune of growing up in a uniquely beautiful part of northern Maine and New Brunswick; the Saint John River Valley, in the old Acadian parish of Sainte-Luce in Upper Frenchville, Maine.  I am the elder son of Theodule Angus Theriault, one of 30 grandsons of Joachim of Moulin Morneault and later, Baker Brook;  and one of many great-grandsons of Joseph of St Jacques and Moulin Morneault and finally, of Baker Brook. Joseph was the son of Dolphis and a 6th great-grandson of Jehan.

In addition to my work on this website, I'm also proud of the Joseph & Théogénie Thériault Great-Branch website which I manage for my Great-Branch. The website focuses on the Madawaska region. Visit us at:  WWW.TERRIAU.ORG/joseph-theogenie/... 

ACADIAN COOPERATION...So as you can see, the work that is represented in this website reflects the help, dedication and work of many people, and many genealogical and historical groups, societies and organizations. One very special group of individuals who are involved in supporting the work of this web site is the group of TERRIOT ACADIAN FAMILY  Delegates who are working with me to develop and document in a computer database the genealogy of the Terriot family in North America. You will read more about the Great-Branch Delegates in the 'Family Branches' section where each is identified. We are indebted to these generous individuals who allow our work to reach all members of our large family.

WE'VE JUST PUT THE COFFEE ON...  So stay for a while... or come back when you can spend more time with us. 

I would love to hear from you. Send me a note at   .

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