(In order to be able to follow these instructions while browsing the Archive, I recommend that you print this page and keep it handy.)
Click on the 'Notre Archive Jehan Terriot' link in the Table of Contents. This takes you to the ENTRY PAGE of our Archive. From the Entry, you may go to one of the following:
    • Surname List
    • Index of Names
    • Descendants of Jehan Terriot
    • Sources (Bibliography)
Click the 'Home' link at the bottom of the ENTRY PAGE of the Archive.

Surname List
    This chamber lists all the family names (surnames) in the archive. Click on a surname to go to the Index of Names (Chamber 1) to get a listing of the individuals with that surname.

Index of Names
    The Index lists all the individual names in the archive sorted by family name. The Index is organized into five sections: A-Du, Du-Ma, Ma-Te, Te-Th, Th-Zi.

    To find 'Claude Theriault', click on the 'Theriault' section. Please note that the "Thériault's" are listed separately from "Theriault's".

    The names of direct descendants are shown in underlined blue lettering. Click on the name to go to the individual in the 'Descendants' chamber. All other names are shown in black lettering with a superscripted "C" (for child), "P" (for parent), or "S" (for spouse) at the end of the name. Click on the superscript to go to the listing of the individual (as a child, parent or spouse) in the 'Descendants' chamber.

Descendants of Jehan Terriot
    This chamber is the largest of the four chambers of the Archive. It provides the detailed information for each generation of descendants including births, marriages and deaths. In addition, detailed notes (where they exist for each individual) are also available.

    Click on 'Descendants of Jehan Terriot' to enter the First Generation of descendants. Here the details of Jehan and Perinne and their children are presented. Please note that each individual is given a number, a RIN number which is in brackets after the individual's name. For example, Jehan Terriot's RIN number is [4]. The RIN number allows us to distinguish between two individuals whose names are identical.

    The children of all Terriot direct descendants are shown in bold text (e.g., Pierre Terriot, Claude Terriot, or Telesphore Theriot). If the archive includes the records of children, the name of the parent will be shown in either underlined blue or purple, and linked to the section of the 'Descendant's' chamber where the records of their children are kept. If the archive does not include any record of children for that individual, the name of the parent will be shown in black and will not be underlined.

    If the archive does not include a record of the birth, marriage or death for an individual, no mention will be made of the birth, marriage or death dates and places in the biography of the individual. A complete record consists of the birth date and place, the baptismal/christening date and place, the marriage date and place, the deceased date and place and the cause of death. If any item of this information is not listed, that is because it is missing from the Archive.

    An individual will be shown as 'Still Living' if no death information exists for the individual (e.g., Charles Theriault - Living) and there is still a possibility that the individual might be living (the birth date is less than 120 years ago). For persons identified as still living, none of the dates will be included in the archive to maintain the privacy of our family members.

    Typically, you will be interested in starting with an individual in which you are interested and then either go up or down the family tree to review the individual's descendant's or ancestors.  To quickly locate an individual in this chamber, first go to the "Index of Names" chamber. Once you find the individual in the "Index of Names" chamber, click on the individual's name, and you will be taken to the individual's family in the  "Descendants of Jehan Terriot" chamber. From there, you may browse up or down the individual's lineage as you wish.

    Sometimes, you may wish to review the members of a certain generation, for example, the 9th generation. To do this, click on 'Descendants of Jehan Terriot' in the Archive Table of Contents to enter the First Generation of descendants. To go on to the 9th generation, click the right arrow at the top of the page to move to the next generation. Continue this process until you reach the 9th generation. There you will find all of the members of the 9th generation that we know of today.

    To return to a previous generation, either click the BACK button on your browser or click the LEFT arrow at the top of the page.  Browse through the layers of generations in one branch by clicking through the individuals listed with children. You may quickly skip through the generations by clicking the LEFT or RIGHT arrows at the top of each page.

    To a newcomer, all of the numbers, superscripts and footnotes in our Archive seem difficult to understand. So, let's take a few minutes to review these conventions. Let's take Claude, first son of our progenitor Jehan, as our example. In our archive, he is represented as follows:

    + 2 M    i. Claude TERRIOT-[6] 1,2,19,20,21,22was born about 1637...

    Let's look at each part of this line, one at a time:

      List Number:  "+ 2 M"  The number '2' is the number assigned to the individual in this listing. These numbers may change when the listing is regenerated after new people have been added. The plus sign (+) indicates that the individual has children. The letter 'M' indicates that the individual is a male.
      Child Number: "i."  The Roman numeral 'i' indicates the child is the first in the family.
      Record ID Number:  "[6]"  This is the Record ID Number (RIN) that is assigned to each individual in our Archive database. This number is important because it will not change and will always be associated with this individual. The earlier number (2) above may change the next time that the listing is regenerated. But the RIN number is permanently assigned to the individual. Use the RIN number in your discussions with us about our genealogy. For example, if you want to send us revised information for a certain individual in our archive, give us the RIN number so that we can easily find the individual in our database.

      Source Footnote: " 1,2,19,20,21,22"   Superscripts are used to identify footnotes which are listed in the Sources (Bibliography) chamber. In this case, footnotes 1, 2, 19, 20, 21, 22 present additional information on Claude.

Sources (Bibliography)
The Sources or Bibliography section of the Archive identifies all sources of information that are referenced in the Archive. For example, if a document is referenced ten different times, the document will be listed ten different times in the Bibliography, each time with the specific pages referenced. Also, there are often additional details associated with each source that are presented along with the reference.

For our purposes here, a source may be a published or unpublished book, unpublished papers, letter or e-mail correspondence, or a conversation.